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(of material) not absorbing or holding liquid


(ˌnɒn æbˈsɔr bənt, -ˈzɔr-)

1. incapable of or resistant to absorbing heat, light, moisture, etc.
2. a substance that does not absorb.
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Adj.1.nonabsorbent - not capable of absorbing or soaking up (liquids)
absorbent, absorptive - having power or capacity or tendency to absorb or soak up something (liquids or energy etc.); "as absorbent as a sponge"
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The best way to get a urine sample at home is to use nonabsorbent litter in the box.
These physical properties are soft and very easy to carve, nonporous, nonabsorbent, low electrical conductivity, heat resistant, high specific heat capacity resistant to acids and alkalis.
For example, in spunlace wipes, the raw material mix is often composed of around 50% absorbent fiber (rayon, cotton or wood pulp) and around 50% petroleum based nonabsorbent fiber (polyester or polypropylene).
The supports are billed as the first over-the-counter, nonabsorbent internal product designed for the temporary management of stress urinary incontinence.
Two non-surgical, over-the-counter options are now available to treat incontinence: A disposable, nonabsorbent product called the Poise Impressa, or the Automatic Pelvic Exercising (APEX) device,
The defect was repaired via preperitoneal approach with nonabsorbent sutures in interrupted fashion.
BUT the Great Cloth Diaper Change promoted the use not just of cloth diapers but also of modern cloth nappies, consisting of plastic or nonabsorbent cover (which come in all sorts of designs and colors) with elastic leg openings to prevent leaks, and with a cloth liner (made from cotton and even bamboo) which can be removed for washing and laundering.
He adds that in many cases, coatings must also be nonabsorbent to avoid potential contamination of different materials loaded Into tanks, rail cars, or trucks.
6cm, Bandage DVT stocking small, Bandage DVT stocking medium, Bandage DVT stocking large, Comfort caps, Cotton Wool, Absorbent Pkt of 50 gm, Cotton Wool, Absorbent Pkt of 500 gm, Cotton Wool, Nonabsorbent pkt of 500g, Cotton Wool, Nonabsorbent pkt of 500g, Dressing, wound care occlusive and hydrocolloid dressing with flexible foam padding for optimum healing 20cm x 20cm (box of 3), Dressing wound care 10cm x 10cm (box of 5), Dressing wound care dressing 20cm x 20cm (box of 3), Dressing extra thin wound care dressing 10cm x 10cm (box of 5), Dressing extra thin wound care 20cmx20cm (box of 3), Preop adhesive drape 28cmx30cm, Preop adhesive drape 36cmx40cm, Preop adhesive drape 50cmx45cm, Dressing wound care non adhesive 6.
aniline dye to tin panels, allowing the compounds to slowly oxidize into vivid shades of indigo and magenta, earthy greens and violets, a process accentuated by the works' thin, reflective, and nonabsorbent surfaces.
To assess the effects of a smooth, nonabsorbent substrate (acrylic) and a rough, absorbent substrate (concrete) on mucus expenditure during locomotion, we compared initial and final masses of snails after they had moved on each of the two surfaces.