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not accredited, lacking certain credentials
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(ˌnɒn əˈkrɛd ɪ tɪd)

(of a school, college, or university) not accredited; not certified as meeting official requirements.
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If the procedure is done in a nonaccredited clinic even if it is located inside the accredited hospital, the claim may also be denied due to lack of accreditation requirements.
According to The Los Angeles Times, "[Kristin} Comella's claimed doctorate in 'stem cell biology' was issued by the Panama College of Cell Science, a nonaccredited 'virtual university' offering a three-year online PhD at a bargain-basement price of $2,950 a year--$2,700 if paid in advance."
(201) It explicitly states that Article 22 nonaccredited bodies
The OFN platform is available to accredited and nonaccredited investors both in the U.S.
It can be gained through any or a combination of the following: professional track (being a resource speaker, participant or facilitator in face-to-face or online trainings conducted by accredited CPD providers); academic track (earning a postgraduate degree, being a professorial chair or researcher); self-directed trainings (participating in trainings organized by nonaccredited CPD providers, writing articles or technical papers); and by undergoing other activities as approved by the CPD council, BOA and PRC.
New approaches to assuring quality based on new business models that focus on workforce mission and outcomes can help ensure that funding flows only to those programs that are considered high quality even though they are nonaccredited in the traditional sense.
For quality control, nonaccredited websites found for the search term "Prostate cancer" were individually evaluated to determine HON Foundation principles [11] were adhered to and then compared to the findings from using the automated HONcode web browser toolbar.
(4) Contributors who had initially backed Oculus Rift did not receive any share of the $2 billion acquisition proceeds, as a result of SEC registration rules that prohibited entrepreneurs from soliciting investment from "nonaccredited" investors.
In 1996, NCDB stopped accepting data submissions from nonaccredited facilities, implemented the requirement for data submission by CoC-accredited programs, and implemented new data definitions and codes.
No doubt that is tine, but it does not take into account that students entering such programs most likely are more qualified than those entering nonaccredited programs.
Perceptions of reporting practices and barriers to reporting incidents among registered nurses and physicians in accredited and nonaccredited Jordanian hospitals.
These circumstances are not select horror stories from nonaccredited hospitals or unqualified providers.