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Noun1.nonachievement - an act that does not achieve its intended goal
human action, human activity, act, deed - something that people do or cause to happen
failure - an act that fails; "his failure to pass the test"
error, fault, mistake - a wrong action attributable to bad judgment or ignorance or inattention; "he made a bad mistake"; "she was quick to point out my errors"; "I could understand his English in spite of his grammatical faults"
negligence, nonperformance, carelessness, neglect - failure to act with the prudence that a reasonable person would exercise under the same circumstances
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The therapeutic objective was dichotomized into achievement of the TC goal (<200 mg/dL) and nonachievement of the TC goal (>200 mg/dL).
Travel assist was allocated a PS18.4 million budget this year but members of the resources scrutiny committee were told that it was facing PS2.2 million 'base budget pressures' on top of PS1.3 million of 'nonachievement savings'.
The Sources of Enjoyment in Youth Sport Questionnaire (SEYSQ; Wiersma, 2001) was shown to successfully demonstrate where participants' enjoyment primarily fell within Scanlan and Lewthwaite's (1986) four-quadrant model (i.e., intrinsic versus extrinsic and achievement versus nonachievement).
GP is an analytical approach devised to address decision-making problems where targets have been assigned to all the attributes and where DMs are interested in minimizing the nonachievement of the corresponding goals.
In their systematic literature review of single-gender education studies, Belfi, Goos, De Fraine, and Van Damme (2012) found single-sex education to be more favorable for adolescent girls than coeducational environments in producing "nonachievement outcomes" such as school well-being and academic concept.
The sudden enlightenment concerning what a "scene" might be--and how to make one, the unremembered and perhaps never-written juvenile plays, recorded in A Small Boy and Others with such circumstantial precision, serve in James's reconstruction of his own past not only as exempla of the interests of the artist to come, but also, from his "last phase" vantage point, as emblems of nonachievement. In a form of (sadly) symmetrical balance, the five-year dedication to drama in the 1890s had been long postponed and, on arrival, it brought little success and considerable pain, the most marked period of mixed achievement, perhaps, for James.
Caregiver burden and nonachievement of healthy lifestyle behaviors among family caregivers of cardiovascular disease patients.
Congress, as you know, has gone on vacation after setting a spectacular record for nonachievement. Some members are now home, preparing for hard-fought re-election battles in districts where nobody can predict the outcome.
The suggested preference is that, rather than using nonachievement data to determine a final grade for borderline cases, the grade should be determined by using additional academic achievement data, that is data related to the content of the student's work in relation to the intended learning outcomes (Stiggins et al., 1989); and, rather than judgmental feedback about their academic performance, in which the focus is on assessing the students' work as good or bad, without explanation of what features put it into this category, students should be given continuous and informative assessment feedback, in which students' strengths and weaknesses are delineated for them, along with suggestions for how to improve their academic performance (Brookhart, 1994).
Was all this an elaborate scam, where both sides would pretend to endlessly negotiate for compensation for nonexistent losses while receiving prizes and prestige for a nonachievement? And how could Stone ask for millions to partially close a marine reserve from people who inevitably would have heard that it was already closed?
Of course, this is an old reformist project with a frustrating record of nonachievement, but its promotion as a political undertaking by Turkey may produce results in the years ahead.
Using this more holistic and systematic approach, factors contributing to achievement and nonachievement of student learning and program outcomes are identified, supporting the "causal web phenomenon" (Barrick, 1991).