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Adj.1.Nonaged - not of legal agenonaged - not of legal age; "minor children"  
law, jurisprudence - the collection of rules imposed by authority; "civilization presupposes respect for the law"; "the great problem for jurisprudence to allow freedom while enforcing order"
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Ageing (Figures 13(b) and 13(c)) increases the yield stress and ultimate tensile strength at the expense of elongation, compared with the nonaged specimens in Figure 13(a).
The paper here presented aims to fill this gap, by providing a detailed interpretation of mid (4000-375 [cm.sup.-1]) and near (7500-4000 [cm.sup.-1]) infrared total reflection mode spectra of sixteen pure, nonaged natural organic compounds used in artworks as binding media, consolidants, adhesives or protective coatings.
Moreover, aged C57BL/6 mice (25-month-old) have been shown to exhibit impaired spatial memory relative to nonaged adult mice (five-month-old, but not nonaged adult 17-monthold) using the Morris water maze (MWM) spatial cognitive test, but no significant gender differences were detected by MWM testing [3].
Nonaged composite cylinders (24 hours) with 1 year of repair showed no difference when compared with aged composite cylinders (1 year) with 1 year of repair, independent of surface treatment (p > 0.05).
As HCs expand their locations and the services they offer, they are likely to reach new patients, including increasing numbers of elderly and Medicare beneficiaries (both new elderly beneficiaries and new disabled nonaged beneficiaries).
5), but the higher intensity one was performed on the nonaged sample, while the lower one was obtained after aging the sample for [] = 60 min at [] =--50[degrees]C.
However, XRD analysis, Figure 2, has shown that aged photoelectrodes have a higher degree of crystallinity than nonaged films and, as a result, may interact differently with the incident light.
While aged patients dominating the Medicare population are known to be more costly on average than nonaged patients, this difference is apparently captured adequately by a case-mix system that recognizes differences in severity of illness.
The addition of 25 percent powdered-recycled PE bag waste to the MWP panels did not adversely affect nonaged bonding strength but did result in substantial improvement in internal bond (IB) retention after a 24-hour water soak and improved dimensional stability.
Expenditure on and Participation in Cash or Near-Cash Safety Net Programs, 2009, and Children Removed from Poverty, by Program, 2009 (a) Total benefit payments (millions Program Thousands of dollars) Cash welfare (TANF) (b) (cases) 1,796 9,324 Food stamps (cases) 15,232 50,360 EITC (c) (tax filing units) 24,757 50,669 Cash welfare (SSI, nonaged caseload) 6,407 41,023 Unemployment compensation (persons) Regular state benefits n.a.
Nonaged and aged original Navigator papers have the same reflectance spectra.