(ˌnɒnˌæləˈdʒɛnɪk) or


(Medicine) med not tending to provoke or cause an allergic reaction


(ˌnɒn æl ərˈdʒɛn ɪk)

not causing an allergic reaction: fragrance-free, nonallergenic cosmetics.
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funding of projects to develop a nonallergenic, cost-effective, biosynthetic alternative rubber product;
Smith is offering retailers other extensions to the environmentally friendly Eco-Ordinates line of nonallergenic and nontoxic bed, bath and table linen coordinates using vegetable-dyed tones in 100 percent cotton and silk.
Tannic acid sprays such as Allersearch[TM] can neutralize dust mite allergens, making them nonallergenic, and acaricide (mite-killing) shampoos such as Acarosan[R] or Capture[R] can be effective.
Nonallergenic oats will not cause adverse reactions in babies' digestive systems.
One reason behind the slow commercial development of this strong, biodegradable and nonallergenic material, Ernest R.
Blatt et al., "Carrier-bound nonallergenic der p 2 peptides induce IgG antibodies blocking allergen-induced basophil activation in allergic patients," Allergy, vol.
offers Thermalon Moist Heat with patented, naturally hydrating, clean, odor free and nonallergenic Hydro Pearls.
Endotoxin is composed of lipopolysaccharides (LPS) and is a nonallergenic cell-wall component of gram-negative bacteria with strong proinflammatory properties.
Nutrition is a relatively new science, and in the future our foods may be designed to be nonallergenic, but for now more consumer education and better handling practices are necessary.
As such, it's not merely hypoallergenic, it's nonallergenic. It's also nutritionally complete and highly palatable, he said.
The product, which is made of nonallergenic materials, also is designed to help restore the natural alignment of the body.
--buying nonallergenic, washable covers for mattresses, box springs, and pillows;