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Adj.1.nonassociative - not associative
associative, associatory - characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination ; "associative learning"
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(6) It should be noted that when implicit cognition is viewed as relational, rather than strictly associative, an alternative, nonassociative measure of implicit attitudes quickly becomes possible.
Because of this, HASE thickeners are somewhat of a hybrid thickener, deriving some of their efficiency from hydrophobic interactions and some from molecular volume effects traditionally utilized by nonassociative thickeners such as the nonionic hydroxyethyl cellulose (HEC) and the anionic alkali-swellable emulsion (ASE).
The stimulus functions of the drugs were counterbalanced to control for unconditioned nonassociative effects on responding.
The latter, to us, seemed to offer a more conservative control, as it would ensure that any nonassociative effects that exposure alone might produce were equated between the control and interference conditions.
Thus, the present design did not include a suitable control condition (e.g., CS- or uncorrelated CS-UCS pairings) for forcibly addressing differential conditioning and ruling out nonassociative factors.
Differential inflation with short and long CS-US intervals: Evidence of a nonassociative process in long-delay taste avoidance.
Furthermore, the results of this experiment could be used to assess the extent of a possible nonassociative, or performance effect on freezing of the different deprivation levels used in the present experiments.
These two home cage control groups (morphine-home cage, n = 9; testosterone-home cage, n = 9) therefore served as controls for possible nonassociative effects of drug exposure.
Explicitly unpaired controls were used because we planned to compare specific experimental groups with respective controls to determine if, among other things, aversions were influenced by nonassociative factors such as pseudoconditioning.
An Abelian-Grassmann-groupoid (AG-groupoid) is a nonassociative and a noncommutative algebraic structure lying in a grey area between a groupoid and a commutative semigroup.
Maltsev used the name "Moufang-Lie algebras" for these nonassociative algebras while Sagle [8] introduced the term "Malcev algebras." Equivalent defining identities of Maltsev algebras are pointed out in [8].