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Adj.1.nonassociative - not associative
associative, associatory - characterized by or causing or resulting from the process of bringing ideas or events together in memory or imagination ; "associative learning"
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Effects of similarity and experience on discrimination learning: A nonassociative connectionist model of perceptual learning.
8) Depletion flocculation is the most widely observed type of flocculation, and is very common in traditional systems containing nonassociative thickeners.
Such results would have many applications in group theory, noncommutative projective geometry, nonassociative algebras and no doubt other areas as well.
Associahedra were introduced by Stasheff [St] in the context of nonassociative products arising in algebraic topology.
To control the plastic dilatation, a nonassociative How rule is introduced where a Raghava-like plastic potential [g.
a higher number of rearings 24 h later), which indicates impairment to nonassociative, spatial and non-aversive learning, with this dose.
Greater quantities of thickener lead to higher viscosities at higher shear rates, a universality with lower molecular weight nonassociative W-S Ps.
The star product is noncommutative but is also nonassociative at the order O([L.
Such examples of nonassociative learning mechanisms have led scientists to argue that there is no unitary learning process at the computational level of analysis.
The results are more consistent with nonassociative models of phobia acquisition than with traditional etiologic theories involving conditioning or social transmission," they said.
Unearthing the nonassociative origins of fears and phobias: A rejoinder.
By observing patients with similar pathologies, Brook developed a "completely nonassociative form" to narrate the nonnarrated souls that populate his drama.