A book having little or no literary merit or substance, often published to exploit a fad.
Of, relating to, or being something other than a book, such as microfilm or microfiche in a library.
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(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) literature a book with little or no substance or merit, often faddish in nature
relating to library materials that are not books, such as magazines or microfiche
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a book compiled of materials that are generally without any literary or artistic merit.
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On nonbook Nook days, a smaller selection of books are available for purchase from the Book Nook shelves on the lower and main levels.
Others disproportionately affect what part III of the original Anglo-American Cataloging Rules (AACR) called (and which are still sometimes collectively referred to) as "nonbook materials," a motley mix of manuscripts, maps, moving-image materials, music, sound recordings, and two-dimensional images.
the deposit or warehouse, the entrepot for books, writings, nonbook
He discusses general aspects of the two fields and their role in the institution; managing a rare book department; archives; the physical materials of the collection and terminology; physical layout and operations; fundraising; security; legal issues; how to use and compile bibliographies; book collecting and handling; outreach; preservation, conservation, restoration, and disaster planning; special collections departments in the digital age; and other issues, such as nonbook collection items, department protocols, administrative and fiscal oversight, staffing and human relations issues, development activities, and solicitation of gifts.
Harrod's book department, adjacent to the toy department, highlighted a lot of licensed plush and book-plus-toy packages, with the nonbook product merchandised on a shelf alongside the books.
"Digital now is just part of the show." He is seeing more nonbook products appearing at conferences because booksellers simply have less of a sales margin to deal with.
Furthermore, both HathiTrust and DPLA have goals that are unique--namely, preservation, perpetual free access, and a collection that contains nonbook, as well as text-based, material.
It is only recently that audiovisual material, first labeled as nonbook material (the only way to define it was in contrast with books), earned the right to be stored in a controlled environment, next to the books, and to be regarded as worthy of permanent preservation.
Chapter 1 provides "Essential Background" as it examines the core elements of resource description for nonbook resources.
For instance, the University of South Florida's Graduate Certificate in Museum Studies provides "Archive Management" and "Nonbook Cataloging" though its School of Information.
(135) If the primers are excluded (as chapmen's ware, which was not handled by the Stationers), the number of shipments that include nonbook merchandise decreased each year except for 1520/1.
They are feeding the resentment of practitioners to an education reform agenda that draws its inspiration from nonbook sources and is advancing despite the hostility stirred by such books.