n. Sports
A foul or penalty that might have been called by a referee but was not.
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The CLO will have an approximately five-year reinvestment period and a two-year noncall period.
Despite the inconsistent calls of the referees, who struggled implementing a new method of touch fouls, and the glaring noncall during the waning minutes of the fourth game that could have determined the outcome of the series, all in all the series was a box office hit.
on a regular noncall day of work, and between 6:30 a.
Some of these solutions also do an adequate job of forecasting for noncall interactions on a stand-alone basis.
It's definitely frustrating," Seguin said of the noncall on Emelin and the ensuing loss of Chara.
Add to that multiple noncall channels for customer interaction, and the volume of information to be analyzed is enormous.
Companies such as GE and American Express, which have large noncall center operations in India, understand the challenges of doing business in a country with different laws governing labor, tax, intellectual property and corporate governance.
The Red Sox blew a lead in game 2, and a controversial noncall of batter interference led to the Reds winning game 3 in ten innings.
Moreover, the new offer was the longest noncall date for any Asian corporate hybrid security to date, it added.
Genesys Telecommunications Laboratories, a contact center infrastructure vendor, offers a multichannel, multi-skill WFM solution for calls and chat sessions, as well as deferred activities, such as email and noncall tasks.
However, Gardner's Bill McMahon, who was left bleeding in the Marlboro game after being involved in a controversial noncall after a collision with Marlboro's Wes Russell that led to the winning goal, gave the Wildcats the lead with 22.