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It contains three years' worth of crime statistics for the campus, unobstructed public areas immediately adjacent to or running through the campus, and certain noncampus facilities, including Greek housing and remote classrooms.
at *8; (b) the school then turned the entire investigation over to the noncampus police, id.
It is against this background that UWI developed distance education (DE) initiatives to help level the playing field and facilitate increased access to tertiary education by noncampus countries of the OECS (OECS, 2013).
Hence, place of residence is seen here as a proxy for structural proximity, distinguishing campus from noncampus residents.
In one prime example (and I may have mentioned this once or twice before in earlier columns), no one should be able to leave an academic institution without a package of promotional material and discount coupons that can reach the noncampus version of all the electronic services they have had accessible on campus.
Holy Cross football returns to WTAG (580 AM) tomorrow after appearing on WWFX (100.1 FM, The Pike) the past two seasons, but Crusaders basketball may not be broadcast on noncampus radio for the first time in nearly 60 years.
The confrontation is the latest chapter involving the controversial group that has UO officials examining its policy over free meeting space for noncampus organizations.
For example, the book explains that some noncampus areas fall within the sweep of the law.
The technology can deliver higher productivity for knowledge workers at noncampus sites, while enabling end-to-end service-level agreement delivery to business units and application groups.
The statistics are also broken down geographically into "on campus," "residential facilities for students on campus," noncampus buildings, or "on public property," such as streets and sidewalks immediately adjacent to or running through the campus.