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Adj.1.noncarbonated - not having carbonationnoncarbonated - not having carbonation    
noneffervescent - not effervescent
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As there are also concerns about its carbonated mineral water, both carbonated and noncarbonated versions of its bottled mineral water can be returned for a full refund, said the company.
CCI, which ranks sixth in terms of sales volume in the CocaCola system, produces, sells and distributes carbonated and noncarbonated beverages consisting of The CocaCola Company brands.
Of this amount, around P16.1 billion was spent on carbonated drinks, while P8.24 billion of the amount was spent on fruit juices and noncarbonated drinks.
Flip the coin and we consumers have to wonder if the manufacturers of sweetened drinks, carbonated as well as noncarbonated, will be compensated for their losses by paying lower taxes.
Sugar-sweetened beverages include soft drinks, nonalcoholic flavored, carbonated and noncarbonated beverages, fruit drinks, sports and energy drinks, and sweetened tea and coffee.
Thirty-five percent of respondents said they purchased a noncarbonated beverage at checkout today, and 32% had bought candy.
In a distant second place, fountain noncarbonated beverages grew 6.6 percent in average sales per store industrywide, which could point to further growth of iced tea offerings.
As part of this questionnaire, participants reported on their usual daily or weekly consumption of sugar-sweetened caffeinated and caffeine-free colas, other carbonated sugar-sweetened beverages, and noncarbonated sugar-sweetened beverages (fruit punches, lemonades, or other fruit drinks).
The sugar-sweetened beverages on the questionnaires included caffeinated and caffeine-free colas, other carbonated beverages with sugar, fruit punches, lemonade, or other noncarbonated fruit drinks.
Fertility is an unflavored drink mix that comes in packets of 2.2 g to be mixed with at least 12 oz of water or other noncarbonated flavored liquids such as juices or smoothies and taken daily.
Since 1981, Insight Beverages has been a formulator, manufacturer, and distributor of cappuccinos, hot cocoas, frozen cappuccinos, barista products, fruit smoothies, frozen noncarbonated beverages, tea products, premium lemonades and iced coffee into the convenience store channel as well as other food service and retail channels.
The Fertility supplement is an unflavored drink mix designed to mix with noncarbonated liquids to deliver an exclusive formulation.