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Gonzales alleged that Guerrero, through a memorandum, assigned Jumamil as deputy commissioner of the Revenue Collection Monitoring Group, an 'illegal' appointment under civil service rules, she said, since Jumamil is a noncareer personnel.
Although many researchers have noted adverse consequences of maximizing (e.g., Dahling & Thompson, 2013), with few exceptions, we found that career maximizing was associated with positive career and noncareer outcomes.
Congress designed USERRA to accomplish three critical goals: (1) to encourage noncareer military service by "eliminating or minimizing the disadvantages to civilian careers and employment," (2) to provide reemployment rights in order "to minimize the disruption to the lives of' servicemembers, and (3) to prohibit employment discrimination against servicemembers.
Peterson and Stewart (2006) observed that women scoring high on generativity but employed in noncareer jobs (i.e., jobs with low pay and status and limited opportunity for advancement) found parenting to be gratifying.
As a poet, I write from a noncareer space, a distinction that can be hard for people outside specific circuits of creative writing in the US to perceive up front.
A: Government ethics rules relating to book publishing and similar activities are complex, and they apply differently to career employees and noncareer employees such as politicai appointees.
Teachers in the career ladder program were significantly less likely to leave their district than teachers in noncareer ladder districts, even when controlling for district characteristics, such as their wealth, size, or level of urbanization (Booker & Glazerman, 2009).
First, Congress hoped "to encourage noncareer service" in the military "by eliminating or minimizing the disadvantages to civilian careers and employment which can result from such service." (45) Second, USERRA was meant "to minimize the disruption to the lives of persons performing service ...
Decrying the "entrenched political control of the foreign service," George Kennan and other high-level diplomats have argued that appointing noncareer ambassadors is just one of many factors that frustrate diplomats, hinder recruitment efforts, and damage the conduct of foreign policy (1997, 203).
I have drifted through my noncareer motivated only by a desire to attain a certain standard of comfort and to die peacefully in my own bed.
of staff, include "noncareer" (or political) appointees exempt