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Adj.1.noncollapsible - not capable of collapsing
collapsable, collapsible - capable of collapsing or being collapsed; "a collapsible boat"
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Running along and just under the sagittal suture--the 1-to-1.5centimeter wide zigzag junction of the right and left parietal bones--is one of the most important subcortical structures, the superior sagittal sinus, a triangular, noncollapsible, intradural venous sinus that averages 23 cm in length (Cannella & Hopkins).
They represent a myriad of interconnecting voids within a noncollapsible structure with a large porous surface loaded with the active agent 54].
Of course, all this also means that you can't just lift off the T1 upper after installation and go instantly back to using a standard AR-15 upper, so most Tactilite users dedicate a lower to the .338 alone and employ one equipped with an adjustable noncollapsible stock such as a Magpul PRS (.338 Lapua recoil is a bit hard on most standard-type collapsible AR-15 stocks).
The latest revision changes hole-fill criteria for Class 1 and 2 end-product, adds SMT termination criteria for flattened post/nail-heads, expands criteria for area arrays (noncollapsible balls and column grid array), staking and adhesive criteria for bonding of through-hole and SMT components, and consolidates thermal management criteria and lead placement and soldering criteria for each terminal type.