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Adj.1.noncollapsible - not capable of collapsing
collapsable, collapsible - capable of collapsing or being collapsed; "a collapsible boat"
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5centimeter wide zigzag junction of the right and left parietal bones--is one of the most important subcortical structures, the superior sagittal sinus, a triangular, noncollapsible, intradural venous sinus that averages 23 cm in length (Cannella & Hopkins).
338 alone and employ one equipped with an adjustable noncollapsible stock such as a Magpul PRS (.
The product line includes pallets, hopper bottom containers, and collapsible and noncollapsible container models with footprints ranging from 32 X 30 inches to 70 X 48 inches, and heights to 50 inches, available in a variety of configurations and weight capacities.