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n. Informal
A noncommissioned officer.

non′com•mis′sioned of′ficer

(ˈnɒn kəˈmɪʃ ənd, ˌnɒn-)
an enlisted person, as a sergeant or corporal, holding a rank below commissioned or warrant officer in the armed forces.
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Noun1.noncom - a military officer appointed from enlisted personnel
armed forces, armed services, military, military machine, war machine - the military forces of a nation; "their military is the largest in the region"; "the military machine is the same one we faced in 1991 but now it is weaker"
aircraftman, aircraftsman - a noncommissioned officer in the British Royal Air Force
bombardier - a noncommissioned officer in the British artillery
chief petty officer - a person with the senior noncommissioned naval rank
corporal - a noncommissioned officer in the Army or Air Force or Marines
drill instructor, drill master - a noncommissioned officer who instructs recruits in military marching and discipline
lance corporal - an enlisted man in the marine corps ranking above a private first class and below a corporal
military officer, officer - any person in the armed services who holds a position of authority or command; "an officer is responsible for the lives of his men"
P.O., petty officer, PO - a noncommissioned officer in the Navy or Coast Guard with a rank comparable to sergeant in the Army
sergeant - any of several noncommissioned officer ranks in the Army or Air Force or Marines ranking above a corporal
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With the sweetness of the voice of an angel from heaven the Europeans heard the sharp-barked commands of an English noncom.
At first glance, you might think him a longshoreman at the nearby Long Beach Docks, or possibly a former boxer or football player, or a retired noncom from one of the Marine Corps bases farther south along the Southern California coast.
In general we outsource to a large extent the noncom activities where applicable and possible.
Western Reserve Life All Policies $1MM/Age 40/$7,500 blended with noncom missionable term: $26,000.
Three sets of proceedings were triggered by WorldCom's disclosure: (1) authorization for WorldCom to discontinue some noncom services, (2) requests to investigate WorldCom's qualifications to hold licenses and to approve license transfers, and (3) requests by local exchange carriers to revise their tariffs to protect against uncollectibles.
Contingent workers, or temporary employees, and other noncom employees represent 30% of the entire U.
Though shaken by the incident, Salazar, too, was the consummate Special Forces noncom.
recently studied the application of mulch made from chipped, noncom posted, landscaping waste.
I asked the noncom in charge what they were doing there.
Ongoing downsizing and cost-cutting by corporate, institutional and governmental entities -- which at the same time must maintain high building maintenance standards -- will continue to result in outsourcing of noncom operations, a trend which will spur demand for janitorial services.
Instone, Major & Bunker, 1983) have found that females are more likely than males to use coercive power which also may stem from fears of noncom pliance.
According to the FCC, the new requirements mean that "home buyers will have a basis for taking action against builders or contractors if they experience telecommunications problems due to noncom pliant wiring.