adj.1.Not expressing a preference; as, although favoring European unity he was noncommittal about the form it should take.
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ACROSS: 9 Attribute; 10 Pulling up; 12 Noon; 13 Scrape; 14 Solders; 15 Breakfast; 17 Rosewater; 18 Suffers; 19 Midday; 20 Snap; 23 Housemaid; 25 Freelance; 26 Wake; 27 Amused; 29 Consort; 32 Offchance; 34 Statesman; 35 Opiates; 36 Thanks; 37 Item; 38 Discovers; 39 Constrain; DOWN: 1 Cannabis; 2 Stroke of luck; 3 Outclass; 4 Depart; 5 Appeared; 6 Closes have; 7 Billows; 8 Apostrophe; 16 Keeper; 19 Mad; 21 Noncommital; 22 Glance; 23 How do you do; 24 Administer; 25 Fed; 28 Sweetest; 29 Cracking; 30 Tenement; 31 Whitlow; 33 Flips; 34 Stance; THE WINNERS: PS20 - Mrs K Milward, Honley PS5 - Mrs M V Kennedy, Fartown PS5 - Mrs Hazel Peaker, Thongsbridge
GENERAL EXTRASENSORY PERCEPTION (GESP): A noncommital technical term used to refer to instances of ESP in which the information paranormally acquired may have derived either from another person's mind (i.e., as telepathy), or from a physical event or state of affairs (i.e., as clairvoyance), or even from both sources.
Clinton responded by saying "I have said yes," but seemed noncommital. 
Welsh Labour has already established a not-for-dividend stateowned rail company, but is noncommital on whether that company will operate the trains.
In The Dodge Club or, Italy in 1859 (1872) by James De Mille, a character tells a story which includes some very repetitive and noncommital haggling between his grandfather and a ship captain.
While Hill does not explicitly argue for Kantian constructivism in this book, he does provide reasons for believing that this theory can be used to address normative ethical issues, rather than simply political issues, while remaining "metaethically noncommital" (73).
Ljungberg has been impressed by the facilities at Celtic but remains noncommital over the switch at this stage.
Boylesports left Profound Beauty unchanged at 16-1 for the Melbourne Cup but Weld, who has four other entries for the big Flemington event, was noncommital when the first Tuesday in November was mentioned.
Unlike Stephen Hawking, he is noncommital about whether a super-unified approach to these forces is possible.
They feel at home with enormously popular Web sites like Facebook and MySpace, where they maintain what Brandon calls noncommital "loose affiliations" with a variety of acquaintances and issues.
And, interestingly, Gold neither was noncommital on the possibility of him buying out partner David Sullivan or Carson Yeung, should the Hong Kong tycoon's proposed takeover fall through, to take charge of Blues.
To some extent the noncommital perfs, lazy dialogue and retro-cheesy visual effects could be chalked up to the pic's refusal to take itself too seriously; one would be hard-pressed to recall the last time the apocalypse was treated this breezily onscreen.