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Refusing commitment to a particular opinion or course of action; not revealing what one feels or thinks: "His face was the color of a freshly baked pork pie and as noncommittal" (Thomas Pynchon).

non′com·mit′tal·ly adv.


in a noncommital manner
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He shook his head noncommittally, for he had not grasped the drift of the argument.
It would be better for the world, and better for you," she answered noncommittally.
Oh, I've got an idea," he replied noncommittally, and walked boldly away beyond the circle of the firelight.
His 28-year-old brother, Hart, the band's bassist, is wedged in the crowd, chatting noncommittally to a couple of pals, his usual seriousness interrupted by the occasional smirk.
The evidence, although objectively weak in itself and repeatedly qualified by the narrator as such, seems to draw strength from the context, from the pervasive and ill-concealed racism of the locai community that the authorities do not seem overly inclined to challenge and that - at the beginning of the narrative at least - Guerrieri also noncommittally shares.
Lisa, for example, mentions her hobby of playing the Jew's harp, and when Michael responds noncommittally that it's an "underrated instrument," she gushes back, "Oh, I know.
There was a lot of bullying," says George noncommittally.
Although the artwork itself exhibited no obvious ties to a woman's perspective, the artist's statement noncommittally observed that the installation, "might hint at an awareness of femininity or gender.
I always maintain connections with people of my circle in dire straits," Hashmi retorted noncommittally in response to a query with regard to his surprise arrival here, however, he declared he would disclose his future strategy this evening after consultations with friends.
With regard to the US Marine Corps' Futenma Air Station in Okinawa, Abe called for US "understanding" of the local prefecture's request to close the base within five years, the report said, adding Hagel responded noncommittally.
5) He added that she received a letter from Thomas Niles 28 December 1877 of the Boston publishers Robert Brothers who had read the first seven chapters of a novel, "rather noncommittally.