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A theorem of Kodaira affirms that if S is a minimal surface with no nonconstant meromorphic functions with [b.
It remains to be investigated whether a situation with nonconstant fluxes (as on 30 August 2013) simply corresponds to a shallow (possibly local) valley boundary layer (so that the lowest 60 m cannot be expected to be within the SL) or whether there is another, possibly terrain-related (or slope) reason for those nonconstant fluxes.
All tests are of a constant mean against a nonconstant alternative, and are heteroskedasticity- and autocorrelation-robust.
Let f and g be two nonconstant meromorphic functions defined in the open complex plane C.
n] (X), there exists a nonconstant function h [member of] [D.
When nonconstant bias is suspected since the slope of the regression of new values on old values is very different from 1.
n]| results from the application of Proposition 1 to the first nonconstant term of the Puiseux expansion for H(z) around its dominant singularity [rho] = 1/5:
The analysis of the risk of in-hospital death associated with specific Elixhauser diagnosis groups was carried out to detect nonconstant risk, possibly related to upcoding.
If the considered function f defined on [a,b] is a nonconstant continuous functions uniformly Holderian and anti-Holderian [30], if [l.
Therefore, the study on ACV symmetry is restricted to only manifolds with nonconstant curvature.
In addition, a nonconstant permeability is assumed for soft soil.
However, the disadvantage of the generalized monotone method is finding nonconstant coupled lower and upper solutions on the interval of existence of the solution.