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(Medicine) med (of a disease) not able to be caught by touching people or things that are infected with it


(ˌnɒn kənˈteɪ dʒəs)

1. (of a disease or other infection) not transmissible through contact.
2. (of a person) not a carrier of a contagious disease or condition.
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Adj.1.noncontagious - (of disease) not capable of being passed on
noninfectious - not infectious
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About psoriasis A chronic, noncontagious autoimmune disease, psoriasis causes the skin to crack, itch and bleed.
The proposed scientific research plan for the first stage of the University operation has 12 research domains that include renewable energy, exploring minerals, public health, public health services, health e-services, contagious and noncontagious diseases, medicines development, transport, marine sciences, fisheries, agriculture, food production, water resources treatment, mineral treatment, production and developing the IT systems and digital media for Arab language.
Bluetongue is an infectious, noncontagious, arthropodborne viral disease of domestic and wild ruminants (1).
However, treatment renders it almost immediately noncontagious.
The medical profession and the public are at high alert for learning the extent of the noncontagious outbreak.
The GCC leaders have instructed the consultative committee to study a new strategy for youths, ways to enhance the spirit of citizenship, a strategy for employment in the public and private sectors, formation of a united commission for civil aviation, tackling noncontagious diseases and a GCC confederation.
The cause of the paralysis was an outbreak of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a rare, noncontagious autoimmune disease in which the body's immune system attacks part of the nervous system.
The final day was dedicated to teaching people how to protect themselves against noncontagious diseases.
The second pathway, emphasized by Smith, shows that fellow feeling is noncontagious.