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(Medicine) med (of a disease) not able to be caught by touching people or things that are infected with it


(ˌnɒn kənˈteɪ dʒəs)

1. (of a disease or other infection) not transmissible through contact.
2. (of a person) not a carrier of a contagious disease or condition.
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Adj.1.noncontagious - (of disease) not capable of being passed on
noninfectious - not infectious
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have latent TB, the patients are asymptomatic and noncontagious.
Yellow fever is a reemerging, zoonotic, noncontagious viral hemorrhagic disease endemic to Africa and South America; outbreaks occasionally occur among human and nonhuman primates (1).
It is a noncontagious disease that has become fairly common among people of all ages and is triggered by inflammatory chemicals produced by white blood cells called lymphocytes, (http://www.
AD is a chronically relapsing, noncontagious pruritic skin disease with two phases: acute and chronic.
In "The pros and cons of sick pay schemes: testing for contagious presenteeism and noncontagious absenteeism behavior" (National Bureau of Economic Research, Working Paper 22530, August 2016), authors Stefan Pichler and Nicolas R.
Canine demodicosis is a common, noncontagious, inflammatory parasitic skin disease characterized by excessive proliferation of commensal mite, Demodex canis within the hair follicles and sebaceous glands (Scott et al.
After infection in an organism specific antibodies against VL of cattle are formed, animals remain infected for life that leads to weakening of immune system of an organism, the raised susceptibility to infectious and noncontagious diseases, increase in infertility, decrease in an exit of calves, abortions.
The proposed scientific research plan for the first stage of the University operation has 12 research domains that include renewable energy, exploring minerals, public health, public health services, health e-services, contagious and noncontagious diseases, medicines development, transport, marine sciences, fisheries, agriculture, food production, water resources treatment, mineral treatment, production and developing the IT systems and digital media for Arab language.
Dela Cruz explains that COPD is noncontagious, treatable and partially reversible.