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Adj.1.noncontentious - of persons; not given to controversy
unargumentative - not given to or characterized by argument
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Noncontentious issues such as trade and investments, on the other hand, proceed as soon as possible.
SYDNEY Mitchell is recognised in the Top Tier of the Legal 500 and 'punches above its weight' for contentious and noncontentious matters, according to the esteemed guide.
At boutique employment law firm Refreshing Law, 'very approachable and knowledgeable' founding partner Anna Denton-Jones provides 'responsive, clear and practical advice' to employers and employees, covering a range of noncontentious and contentious matters including negotiating exit terms for senior executives.
Despite controversy over the proposal of a new energy plan to deal with Lebanon's chronic power shortage, originally put forward seven years ago by Gebran Bassil and championed again when current Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil was appointed in December 2016, renewable energy projects remain relatively noncontentious.
Dean's expertise includes extensive experience of EU and UK competition law, advising clients on contentious and noncontentious matters covering anti-trust issues, merger clearance and State aid.
First, most of the tactics engaged in by WWF and GP in this study were noncontentious (under 10 percent of GP press releases and under 30 percent of WWF press releases in all years).
The Canadian chairman, Paul Mayers, opened the meeting and quickly dispensed with some relatively minor, noncontentious agenda items.
In some respects, governmental systems lacking a sophisticated administrative apparatus, such as Anglo-Saxon England and the early colonial American settlements, would understandably use courts to exercise jurisdiction over noncontentious business regardless of whether that business was seen as grounded in the Roman tradition of voluntary jurisdiction.
31) In short, the ethics rules are part of a larger regulatory scheme that reflects "a central core of agreed standards" that define judges "as the neutral, impartial, calm, noncontentious umpire standing between the adversary parties.
I will be advising clients on a broad range of both contentious and noncontentious employment work.
Still, there are many noncontentious steps that can be taken to minimize the risk that anyone will be sickened by the food you buy and prepare.
In particular, the relatively recent innovation of the pre-assessment process and team within the mergers branch has resulted overall in a speedier process for noncontentious mergers.