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Adj.1.noncontentious - of persons; not given to controversy
unargumentative - not given to or characterized by argument
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An expert in contentious and noncontentious regulatory matters - including regulatory investigations, claims involving breaches of regulations, and advising companies on compliance with regulatory requirements - Ms Emanuel has worked on some of Capital Law's most highprofile cases in the past 12 months.
The firm combines lawyers and tax specialists advising on private client issues on a range of noncontentious and contentious matters, often with an international element.
The council expects this to be 'noncontentious' as it simply responds to the growth in pupil numbers in Blyth and Seaton Delaval, as required by law.
This is why issues of economic cooperation, trade and investments, noncontentious issues, now proceed,' Roque said.
And given how little the community structure (and position of scholars) and social class-basis of opera audiences have changed, the artists' role in mediating between the State and the people remains a significant one, if currently noncontentious. Given the fundamental ideological shifts and changes in governance I outlined above, and the continued need for the CCP to maintain a role as uncontested socio-political authority, the critical juncture of strength that allows this apparent contradiction to be maintained is the juncture between China's unique regional-central government structure and the social mediation roles of the artists.
Noncontentious issues such as trade and investments, on the other hand, proceed as soon as possible.
Despite controversy over the proposal of a new energy plan to deal with Lebanon's chronic power shortage, originally put forward seven years ago by Gebran Bassil and championed again when current Energy Minister Cesar Abi Khalil was appointed in December 2016, renewable energy projects remain relatively noncontentious.
Dean's expertise includes extensive experience of EU and UK competition law, advising clients on contentious and noncontentious matters covering anti-trust issues, merger clearance and State aid.
First, most of the tactics engaged in by WWF and GP in this study were noncontentious (under 10 percent of GP press releases and under 30 percent of WWF press releases in all years).
The Canadian chairman, Paul Mayers, opened the meeting and quickly dispensed with some relatively minor, noncontentious agenda items.
In some respects, governmental systems lacking a sophisticated administrative apparatus, such as Anglo-Saxon England and the early colonial American settlements, would understandably use courts to exercise jurisdiction over noncontentious business regardless of whether that business was seen as grounded in the Roman tradition of voluntary jurisdiction.
(28) For example, the premier rule in the American Bar Association's (ABA) Code of Judicial Conduct mandates that judges "shall uphold and promote the independence, integrity and impartiality of the judiciary," avoiding not only impropriety but "the appearance of impropriety." (29) Judges must also avoid making decisions based on personal bias or prejudice (30) and "shall not be swayed by public clamor or fear of criticism." (31) In short, the ethics rules are part of a larger regulatory scheme that reflects "a central core of agreed standards" that define judges "as the neutral, impartial, calm, noncontentious umpire standing between the adversary parties." (32)