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The Palestinians would get a state -- but only on noncontiguous parts of the West Bank and only limited sovereignty over their own territory.
However, because surveys ask respondents to forecast inflation rates for noncontiguous time horizons, the resulting data points are widely spaced.
The CCF program supports vessel modernization and expansion for use in the noncontiguous domestic and Great Lakes trade, benefiting a wide range of shipping industry companies.
The Islamic State consists of tens of thousands of jihadis with oil revenues and a functioning bureaucracy and a hip media, ruling vast portions of Syria and Iraq, even apart from its noncontiguous provinces in Africa, which adds up to more than big.
Horizon Lines is a domestic ocean shipping companies and the only ocean cargo carrier currently serving the two noncontiguous domestic markets of Alaska and Hawaii.
This sale was made possible by the creativity and willingness of both sides to package noncontiguous parcels into one large timber investment," said Crescent's Whit Duncan, president of land sales.
The French combat method that constituted the army's intellectual framework consisted of a dedication to offensive operations culminating in an assault, the formation of an infantry army with nonspecialized units, a linear and noncontiguous view of the battlefield, a desire to combine the effects of all the auxiliary combat arms into the main infantry battle, and the adoption of nondogmatic tactics.
Creating noncontiguous ridings would facilitate the concentration of Aboriginal voters into constituencies where they would form pluralities or majorities.
Ellen Souza of Common Ground Land Trust said the addition of the 240 acres would connect the farm properties to the Spencer State Forest, which is 965 acres in three noncontiguous properties.
is one of the nation's leading domestic ocean shipping companies and the only ocean cargo carrier serving all three noncontiguous domestic markets of Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico from the continental United States.
According to the Court of Appeals of Michigan, the tax tribunal is not required to value two noncontiguous apartment complexes as a single unit merely because some economies of scale are available by operating the properties together.
The recent repeal of the Public Utility Holding Company Act further reduces the regulatory barriers to mergers of noncontiguous utilities.