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Adj.1.nonconvergent - (of lines, planes, or surfaces) never meeting or crossing
parallel - being everywhere equidistant and not intersecting; "parallel lines never converge"; "concentric circles are parallel"; "dancers in two parallel rows"
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The matrix that contains all saved data from step 4 is cleaned from all nonconvergent cases and infinite solutions.
This shows, together with the fact that the convergence factor is the product of the above three terms, that a large [p.sub.1] and a small [p.sub.2] may lead to a nonconvergent method.
The theabrownin created the dark color and nonconvergent taste, thus affecting the quality of the black tea [14].
Let us suppose that (E, d) is not complete, then there is a nonconvergent Cauchy sequence ([x.sub.n]).
The number of nonconvergent pixels found when using the two subimages of the ocean surface was much lower for Nord's algorithm than for Souyris' algorithm.
However, it is nonconvergent and easy to fall into local optimization.
Tissues were assumed to be incompressible, although a Poisson ratio of 0.49 rather than 0.50 was selected to avoid nonconvergent numerical behavior.
The convergence time of BP is higher than that of GNN and it is even nonconvergent in the case of high precision to be required.
However, after inspection, the transition ages of these nonconvergent models did not seem unlikely and the values were kept.
Seoane-Sepulveda, Algebrability of the set of nonconvergent Fourier series, Studia Math.
If his shuttling back and forth between a wildlife preserve on the outskirts of Chicago and a roving outpost in outer space seem at first like nonconvergent ends, O'Leary's magic is in his careful handling of perception.