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Adj.1.noncyclical - not cyclic
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Noncyclical breast pain is not associated with the menstrual cycle and can be unilateral or bilateral.
A noncyclical decline in activity at these facilities could have significant negative impacts on city finances and lead to downward rating action.
While our patient presented with cyclical pain, it should be noted that cyclical, noncyclical, continuous, and nonexistent pain patterns have been noted.
Elevated HDL-C has been reported in patients with cyclical mastalgia, but not in those with noncyclical pain.
The traditional cyclical pattern of symptomatology has not been confirmed by recent studies which postulate a rather noncyclical chronic pelvic pain as a more persistent symptom [32].
While Liu and Skrzypacz (2014) find cyclical behavior that is qualitatively different from both the one-shot and full memory cases, this paper instead finds noncyclical behavior because the reputation gets "stuck." To what extent this applies to other bounded memory reputation games remains an interesting open question.
New Mountain identified DRB through its long-standing efforts in technology-enabled business services and vertically focused software, as well as a proactive interest in noncyclical areas of the automotive aftermarket space.
Moreover, the downward slopes of the two parts are almost the same, and our breakdown of the noncyclical behavior of output gives equal roles to the high- and low-frequency parts.
Hofner, "Gradient boosting for distributional regression: faster tuning and improved variable selection via noncyclical updates," Statistics and Computing, pp.
Although not common in CyN, myelodysplastic syndrome (MDS) or acute myeloid leukemia (AML) transformation is a well-known complication observed in cases of severe congenital neutropenia (SCN), a similar but noncyclical neutropenia caused by mutation of the ELANE gene, and less frequently, the GFI1 gene [7].
No recurrent endometriosis was suspected in gynecological examination and transvaginal ultrasound, and the chronic noncyclical pelvic pain was life interfering and resistant to hormonal and medical treatment.
The pelvic pain in patients with pelvic congestion syndrome (PCS) can be noncyclical or cyclical.