Containing no milk or dairy products: nondairy coffee creamer.


(nɒnˈdɛər i)

being a substitute for milk or milk products; containing no dairy ingredients: a nondairy creamer.
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A cup of most unsweetened nondairy milks has no more than 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar.
VegNews, America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine, has announced Purely Decadent as the 2008 Veggie Award Winner for nondairy ice cream.
To build on that success, we've added Peppermint Chocolate, another premium, organic, nondairy alternative with extended appeal from fall through winter.
Characterized by nondairy, egg-free baking, the recipes cover gels, creams, puddings, sauces, cookies, bars, cobblers, crisps, biscuits, muffins, cakes, fillings, frostings, glazes, pies, tarts--even fruit, beverages, frozen desserts, and confections.
They accompanied two soups, one a nicely executed cold gazpacho served in a martini-style glass, the other a tasty cauliflower potage in a pristine white bowl, made creamy with a nondairy mixture and neatly garnished with a floret of cauliflower.
1982 David Mintz creates Tofutti, a popular frozen nondairy treat of tofu, soymilk and other soy proteins.
The acquisition of this business advances our ongoing strategy to aggressively grow in out' core nondairy product categories," commented William Gisel, Rich Products chief executive officer.
Imagine Foods' natural and organic brands include Rice Dream non-dairy aseptic and refrigerated beverages and nondairy frozen desserts and novelties, Soy Dream non-dairy aseptic and refrigerated beverages and organic non-dairy frozen desserts and novelties, Imagine Natural Organic Soups and Broths and Power Dream soy energy drink.
Joanne Rae, marketing manager at Robert Wiseman Dairies, also believes it is far too early to entertain talk of a nondairy takeover and claims that any decline in dairy sales has been down to "natural" market forces rather than at the expense of non-dairy although she admits dairy producers would be wise to keep an eye on the developments in non-dairy.
Other good nondairy sources of calcium are tofu prepared with calcium sulfate (check the label), dark green, leafy vegetables like collard greens and kale, and calcium-fortified orange juice.
With a $10,000 loan from her family, Aware that real ice cream can be harmful to dogs, Cohen developed a blend of nondairy yogurt with chicken to give her own dog.
Milk alternatives - nondairy milks made from soybeans, rice, oats, or almonds - are proliferating, particularly soybean and rice varieties.