Containing no milk or dairy products: nondairy coffee creamer.


(nɒnˈdɛər i)

being a substitute for milk or milk products; containing no dairy ingredients: a nondairy creamer.
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Plant-based milks and nondairy beverages remain a hotbed of innovation.
A cup of most unsweetened nondairy milks has no more than 1 gram of naturally occurring sugar.
Coconut milk is in really short supply worldwide," said Tom Gleason, whose company Oregon Ice Cream uses coconut milk for a line of Julie's Organic nondairy frozen treats.
From Oven Beef Stew to "Cream" of Vegetable or Mushroom soups (which use milk/lactose-free nondairy creamer instead of milk) to Rhubarb Custard Pie (which uses nondairy milk and butter substitutes) and much more, Cooking Without Milk is extremely user-friendly to cooks of all skill and experience levels.
VegNews, America's premier vegetarian lifestyle magazine, has announced Purely Decadent as the 2008 Veggie Award Winner for nondairy ice cream.
At different times, they were each randomly given three test meals: (1) low in calcium and vitamin D; (2) high in nondairy calcium from calcium citrate supplements and low in vitamin D; and (3) high in dairy calcium and vitamin D.
To build on that success, we've added Peppermint Chocolate, another premium, organic, nondairy alternative with extended appeal from fall through winter.
Characterized by nondairy, egg-free baking, the recipes cover gels, creams, puddings, sauces, cookies, bars, cobblers, crisps, biscuits, muffins, cakes, fillings, frostings, glazes, pies, tarts--even fruit, beverages, frozen desserts, and confections.
1982 David Mintz creates Tofutti, a popular frozen nondairy treat of tofu, soymilk and other soy proteins.
The acquisition of this business advances our ongoing strategy to aggressively grow in out' core nondairy product categories," commented William Gisel, Rich Products chief executive officer.