adj.1.not crucial; not comprising a decisive factor in a result. Opposite of crucial and decisive.
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As with the previous case, the possibility of a nondecisive outcome such as a base on balls would either need to be explicitly disallowed, or the framework would need to be explicitly modified to accommodate it.
PARIS -- Patients with a nondecisive fine-needle aspiration for large nondiagnostic thyroid nodules or lesions of undetermined significance should be considered for surgery because more than half of these large nodules can be malignant.
In a review of 156 patients with nondecisive fine-needle aspirations (FNAs), nodule size was a major determinant in surgical referral, Dr.
When an FNA comes back as nondecisive on such specimens, the clinician must choose between surgery and clinical follow-up as the next step.
Among those with FLUS who had surgery, 50% had no other clinical indication for surgery except the nondecisive FNA, Dr.
Major Finding: Thyroid nodule size is the main indication for surgical referral of patients who have nondecisive fine-needle aspirations.
163, 172-79 (2000) (demonstrating that some courts treat doctors' compliance with medical customs as strong but nondecisive evidence of due care).
It may seem almost too obvious to mention, but it would certainly come as a surprise to the drafters of the Constitution to learn that the Court's members spend nearly as much time preparing nondecisive opinions as they do actually deciding cases.
First of all, the nondecisive nature of any given day of primary voting, up until some candidate has clinched the nomination, means that there are always opportunities for voters in later states to assess the field and make strategic shifts of support from trailing candidates to more viable candidates.
whereas the agent is inherently nondecisive in large-number elections under majority rule.