Of, relating to, or being a process that does not result in damage to the material under investigation or testing.

non′de·struc′tive·ly adv.


1. (General Engineering) engineering not capable of causing damage (to a structure or material)
2. (Computer Science) computing not capable of erasing data
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ALBANY, NY -- The global nondestructive test equipment market will grow at a CAGR of 5.
His presentation, entitled “Introducing Young People to NDT,” will be geared towards informing attendees about how to effectively prepare, practice, and present an introductory lesson in Nondestructive Testing to the younger generation, ranging from children of elementary school age through undergraduate university students who are not currently pursuing a career in Nondestructive Testing.
LTI) has won renewal of Nadcap certifications in Nondestructive Testing and ISO/IEC 17025 adherence to Merit Status.
The nondestructive testing by these techniques can be easily automated by mounting the testing equipment on a special scanner or robot (Kurz et al.
The final volume in the ASNT series overviews major nondestructive testing (NDT) methods used widely in industry with 15 chapters reviewing leak, liquid penetrant, radiographic, electromagnetic, magnetic particle, acoustic emission, ultrasonic, and visual testing.
THE King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology (KACST) and Saudi Aramco have inked a deal to establish a sophisticated centre for conducting nondestructive tests in the oil sector.
The 58th Defense Working Group on Nondestructive Testing (DWGNDT) will meet from 7 to 9 December in Fort Worth, Texas.
Electromagnetic nondestructive evaluation; proceedings.
That was the message from Oil and Gas Affairs Minister and National Oil and Gas Authority chairman Dr Abdulhussain Mirza at the opening dinner of the three-day Middle East Nondestructive Testing Conference and Exhibition, which begins at the Gulf Hotel today.
TechCorr says on its new website that it offers over 400 qualified, experienced, certified and reliable individuals with expertise in inspection, conventional nondestructive testing and advanced nondestructive testing services.
This company operates as a nondestructive testing systems service provider, technology developer, and technology licensor.
Police arrested a businessman Thursday on suspicion of stealing a container bearing a hazardous radioactive substance from a warehouse of his company's larger business partner, a nondestructive testing company, in Chiba Prefecture, they said.

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