Of, relating to, or being a process that does not result in damage to the material under investigation or testing.

non′de·struc′tive·ly adv.
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1. (General Engineering) engineering not capable of causing damage (to a structure or material)
2. (Computer Science) computing not capable of erasing data
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The third edition reprints information that remains current, includes new material that brings theory into focus and demonstrates the potential of acoustic emission testing as a quantitative nondestructive testing tool, and increases the number of contributors from outside the US.
A team comprised of researchers from Image Analysis Research Center, Medical College of Ohio, Edison Industrial Systems Center, and Doehler-Jarvis, all of Toledo, Ohio, described a high-tech nondestructive method of locating and measuring porosity in die castings.
(LTI) will be featuring its fastener testing capabilities, as well as other material testing, nondestructive testing, dimensional inspection and calibration services in Booth #623 at the 2014 National Industrial Fastener & Mill Supply Expo.
Introduction to nondestructive testing; a training guide, 2d ed.
Law nondestructive testing equipment for ferrous and nonferrous metals is available as stand-alone instrumentation or as automated systems for in-line production testing.
His presentation, entitled “Introducing Young People to NDT,” will be geared towards informing attendees about how to effectively prepare, practice, and present an introductory lesson in Nondestructive Testing to the younger generation, ranging from children of elementary school age through undergraduate university students who are not currently pursuing a career in Nondestructive Testing.
Annual Symposium on Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation (31st: 2004: Golden, CO) Ed.
Test methods include chemical analysis, determination of mechanical properties, nondestructive inspection and similar tests.
The full list of GE approvals currently held by Lab Testing covers a wide-range of Metallic Materials Test Lab Capabilities performed in the Chemistry, Metallography, Mechanical Testing and Nondestructive Testing Labs.

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