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(ˌnɒndɪˈrɛkʃənəl; ˌnɒndaɪˈrɛkʃənəl) or


(of a radio aerial, microphone, loudspeaker, etc) working equally in all directions at once, rather than in one direction only


(ˌnɒn dɪˈrɛk ʃə nl, -daɪ-)

functioning equally well in all directions; omnidirectional.
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Table 3 COMPARISON OF PROPERTIES OF WOVEN AND NONWOVEN FABRICS Properties Woven Nonwoven Fiber arrangement Orthogonal Random Properties Directional Nondirectional Breaking Strength Higher Lower Breaking Elongation Lower Higher Initial Modulus Higher Lower Tear Resistance Lower Higher Openings Can be regular Irregular Filtration Single layer Often multilayer Porosity 35% to 45% 55% to 93% Inplane flow Low Can be high Edge May ravel Does not ravel Source: Raumann, G.
Thus, there was no empirical support for a directional hypothesis and the nondirectional hypothesis of no differences was examined.
A nondirectional hypothesis might state that both reading-ability groups will score equally well on a free recall test with declarative heads.
The rolls work both in the transversal and longitudinal sense, resulting in a nondirectional finish.
One thing about an odor in the stillness of a room is that it is nondirectional.
For nondirectional hypotheses (1a-b, 2a-b) and interactions we considered p [less than or equal to] .
The analysis was based on nondirectional null hypotheses ([H.
The fragility index varies from m = 16 (for very strong glass-forming liquids like those formed by high-directional bond molecules (3)) to m = 250 (for very fragile glass-forming liquids for which the interatomic or intermolecular bonds are nondirectional (4), (5)).
Two nondirectional research questions were evaluated.
Post- Nonverbal position predication Verbal predication Nondirectional verb Directional verb ma Location Source/Goal ra class inclusion Comitative equation some Instrument locative Manner relations be possession Beneficiary (with some verbs of transfer of information: animate Goal/Beneficiary) Table 9.
Available in four standard colors, norament 925 grano FS has a nondirectional confetti pattern.