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the failure to reveal or disclose information, esp in a court of law


(ˌnɒn dɪˈskloʊ ʒər)

1. (of a contract, agreement, etc.) stipulating that specified information supplied by one party will not be divulged to anyone else by the other party or parties.
2. a failure to disclose significant information.
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The full lawsuit is 28 pages and includes the alleged nondisclosure agreement.
The Congressional Accountability and Hush Fund Elimination Act would: Prohibit the use of public funds to pay settlements or awards for sexual harassment or assault claims; Disclose all payments previously made by the Office of Compliance on its website (the name of the victim is expressly prohibited from being disclosed); Require perpetrators to reimburse the taxpayers with interest; Prohibit nondisclosure agreements as a precondition to initiate procedures to address sexual harassment or assault claims; and Permit victims of sexual harassment or assault to make public statements about their claim, regardless of any previously signed nondisclosure agreement.
California courts have long established that the as-is clause is strictly interpreted to mean that the buyer takes the property in the condition visible to or observable by the buyer, and that notwithstanding how broad such language may be, courts have not allowed such clause to protect a seller from liability for nondisclosure of known material matters or fraud.
The staffers who worked on the travel ban were made to sign nondisclosure agreements - an unusual move for congressional employees, the report added.
SMC) defended the nondisclosure of crucial asset reassignments in 2015 made by Liberty Telecoms Holdings Inc.
Until Maverick eases up on the space magic and stops locking his paramours behind ironclad nondisclosure agreements, it might be impossible for Cruise to find love on planet Earth
CL's got that famous nondisclosure agreement required by all Trump nee Drumpf employees, which reads thusly: "During the term of your service and at all times thereafter, you hereby promise and agree not to demean or disparage publicly the company, Mr.
National Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA), which on Thursday said Tesla had entered into a "troublesome nondisclosure agreement" with a Model S owner who had suspension problems, said on Friday it had confirmed "that Tesla has clarified the language .
Such nondisclosure provisions, while common in settlements across the United States, run contrary to greater promotion of health care transparency and improved patient safety, the study's authors said.
Charles Perry, R-Lubbock, would expand who's eligible for a so-called order of nondisclosure to include one-time offenders who complete their jail or probation term and don't commit another violent or sexual crime.
Won't last long so email me today for a nondisclosure agreement.
Highlights from both sets of FAQs include increased penalties, applicable to either a foreign financial institution at which a taxpayer has an account or a facilitator who helped establish the offshore arrangement; the elimination of the reduced penalty structure; and potential penalties for nondisclosure.