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If we refer to the time of the jth discount as the jth discount period, then statistically the demand in each discount period is perfectly and positively correlated with the demand in the first (nondiscount) period.
The reduction in consumers' dollar expenditure on discount goods will free unspent disposable income (UDI) to be spent on nondiscount goods and services.
"The restrictions on both discount and nondiscount advertising are, at least on their face," he reasoned, "designed to avoid false or deceptive advertising in a market characterized by striking disparities between the information available to the professional and the patient," with "significant challenges to informed decisionmaking," including "'asymmetrical information'" and the fact that quality "tends to resist either calibration or monitoring," making "more than cursory treatment" required, because the CDA's restrictions were not "obviously comparable to classic horizontal agreements to limit output or price competition." (88)
To capture the ability of major brand stations to charge a price premium, we include the variable [major.sub.i,j], a dummy variable taking the value of 1 if station i on route j sells a major (nondiscount) brand of gasoline and zero otherwise.
As with the general merchandise products in the store, the H&BAs sported name brands that made it easy for consumers to see how much they were saving over the prices at nondiscount outlets.
Supermarkets recoup the negative margin on featured produce if customers make other, nondiscount purchases and become regular customers.
379 (1996), in the context of antitrust settlements, shows that relative discounts put the burden of settlements almost entirely on the nondiscount customers (and scarcely at all on the sellers who had been convicted).
It will also provide the company with growth opportunities by allowing it to supply alternative brands to nondiscount retailers that may have primary supply contracts with other greeting cards companies, according to O'Connell.
Notice 2005-1, Q&A-4(iv), provides that, pending further guidance, nondiscount SARs granted under a plan in effect before Oct.
The OID provisions are designed to parallel the manner in which interest would be recognized by cash- and accrual-method taxpayers through borrowing with a nondiscount obligation requiring current payment of interest, see the Staff of the Joint Committee's General Explanation of the Tax Equity and Fiscal Responsibility Act of 1982 (Act Section 231).
The total cost of the lease is $515,000, measured as the nondiscounted sum of the 10 lease payments of $50,000 each plus initial direct costs of $15,000.
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