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1. Absence of discrimination.
2. The practice or policy of refraining from discrimination.

non′dis·crim′i·na·to′ry (-nə-tôr′ē) adj.
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An Arizona court ruled in late October that two evangelical wedding-shop owners could not ignore the state's nondiscrimination ordinance and discriminate against LGBTQ couples under the guise of "religious freedom.
The project "Employers for Non-Discrimination" proposed that in the next 3 years, as many as possible employers from the Republic of Moldova should adopt and implement nondiscrimination procedures in labor relations.
Uber's comprehensive national nondiscrimination policy will not change.
They have run afoul of nondiscrimination rules because employees who are in them at the point they are closed-called "grandfathered" employees-continue to get raises, making that population in some senses "wealthier" than a company's general pension population.
Many states have passed nondiscrimination laws, but there is a growing resistance from Catholic bishops who believe those laws are a violation of religious freedom.
In comments offered to Jocelyn Samuels, JD, director of the Department of Health and Human Services' Office for Civil Rights, APHA Executive Director Georges Benjamin, MD, supported the ACA's nondiscrimination provision, in particular its explicit protections on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.
Cities continue to excel even without depending on state law: of cities that scored a perfect 100, 19 are in states that don't have a statewide nondiscrimination law; that's up from 15 cities last year;
That's a reality, even though nearly 70% of all Americans support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.
Summary paragraph: How plan design can help pass nondiscrimination testing
Congressional Republicans have long insisted that there is no need for a LGBT nondiscrimination law.
The Integrative Healthcare Policy Consortium (IHPC) continues its focus on the Nondiscrimination provision of the Affordable Care Act, Section 2706, which prohibits insurance companies from discriminating against healthcare providers and requires that insurers include and reimburse licensed health-care providers in health insurance plans (state insurance exchanges).