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Adj.1.nondisposable - (of assets) unavailable for use
disposable - free or available for use or disposition; "every disposable piece of equipment was sent to the fire"; "disposable assets"
2.nondisposable - not designed to be thrown away after use
disposable - designed to be disposed of after use; "disposable paper cups"
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To limit impact ask children to carry a reusable water bottle, and store their food in nondisposable containers, and of course, recycle whenever possible.
Disposable electrodes can be prepared in advance and are easier to place than nondisposable electrodes, making them more efficient.
Nondisposable implements used with such samples should be immersed in IN sodium hypochlorite (NaOH) for one hour before reuse.
Although in sporadic CJD the distribution of the agent is largely restricted to the nervous system (central and peripheral), the wide distribution of the vCJD agent in the asymptomatic infected patient we report might serve to increase the range of medical procedures, including dentistry, organ transplant, and surgery involving nondisposable equipment, that might result in iatrogenic transmission of vCJD (40-43).
Dedicated nondisposable clothing was worn by workers at half of the farms for 74% of the total tasks.
Patients were not charged for their participation in this study, and all necessary disposable and nondisposable materials were procured by the researchers.
Prior literature has indicated the most accurate noninvasive method for temperature measurement in adults is an oral temperature obtained with an electronic, nondisposable thermometer (Bridges & Thomas, 2009; Forbes, 2009; Hooper & Andrews, 2006).
([dagger]) Measures to prevent take-home exposure include showering and changing into clean clothes after shooting or performing firing range maintenance activities, storing clean clothes in a separate bin from contaminated clothing, laundering of nondisposable outer protective clothing by a contractor or by the employer (not by the employee), and leaving at the range shoes worn inside the firing range, or providing disposable shoe coverings.
Nondisposable items like dental instruments are cleaned and sterilized between patients, while disposable dental instruments and needles are tossed.
The use of nondisposable laparoscopic equipment significantly decreases the cost of LA [9-12].
Hamilton, "Nondisposable materials, chronic inflammation, and adjuvant action," Journal of Leukocyte Biology, vol.
Among the extensive array of GM items Navajo offers are automotive accessories, nondisposable gloves, bar accessories, party goods, candles, kitchenware, sewing notions, air fresheners and pet accessories, not to mention a number of targeted seasonal collections.