Not phonemically distinctive; not serving to distinguish meaning.


(Linguistics) linguistics (of a speech sound) having no effect on the meaning being conveyed


(ˌnɒn dɪˈstɪŋk tɪv)

adj. Ling.
not serving to distinguish meanings: a nondistinctive difference in sound.
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1998) ("[T]he proper inquiry is not whether individual features of a product are functional or nondistinctive but whether the whole collection of features taken together are functional or nondistinctive.
Apart from genetic predisposition, the hallmark pathology of AD is an acute, subacute, or chronic dermatitis of nondistinctive type.
5 Urban design as urban The late 1980's an adolescent sustainable and 1990's (adult) design 6 * Urban design in interactional from late its fully urban design 1990's until maturity period now steps Noteworthy components Related theories and practices 1 Dependent and Haussmann's renovation of nondistinctive features Paris; Camillo Sitte's from architecture; paying teachings; City Beautiful attention to the movement.
53) Because expression of MDM2 and CDK4 is generally limited to low-grade osteosarcomas and their dedifferentiated counterparts, expression of these two markers in an otherwise nondistinctive high-grade sarcoma of bone may therefore suggest evolution from (dedifferentiation of) a low-grade osteosarcoma.
Becoming aims not at reaching a form, but at discovering adjacent, indiscernible or nondistinctive zones.
The dark spots are characterized by feathered, nondistinctive borders, appearing only at the site of the inflammation.
However, wines treated in this way for that purpose will never become great wines exceeding the quality level of simple, fruity and nondistinctive wines for easy consumption.
The acute illness before sero-conversion typically lasts for about a month and consists of a nondistinctive rash, generalized lymphadenopathy, or viral meningitis.
Under the law, TD Banknorth contends, those who use a nondistinctive name can expect others to use the name, too.
As we have already noted, the history of banking has made the predominance of descriptive, inherently nondistinctive marks almost inevitable.
Soft biometrics are nondistinctive, limitedly permanent human traits such as gender, age, hair color, weight, and height that might be applied as auxiliary features in conjunction with "classic" biometrics (Jain, Dass, and Nandakumar 2004a).