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 (nŏn-ē′gō, -ĕg′ō)
All of the psyche that is not part of the ego or the conscious self.

[Translation of German Nichtich : nicht, not + Ich, I, ego.]
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(nɒnˈiːɡəʊ; -ˈɛɡəʊ)
(Philosophy) philosophy everything that is outside one's conscious self, such as one's environment
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In my analysis, I pointed out four analogous processes of falling from a state of utmost happiness to a state of disillusion, despair, or sadness: First, birth--expulsion from the womb, from a state of happiness, where there was perfect merger between ego and nonego, to which there is no return.
There is no separation between ego and nonego; all the foetus' needs are readily supplied, and the womb's walls protect it; but, at the same time, the same walls confine it too.
I do not see this, however, as a "return to the infantile state of undifferentiation of the ego and nonego" (132), which is putting it too strongly, since it claims for the cinema the power to effect a return that is clearly impossible.