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Having reached an office or position without going through the elective process: nonelected bureaucrats.
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Adj.1.nonelected - filled by appointment rather than by election; "a nonelective office"
appointed, appointive - subject to appointment
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I simply find it difficult to understand how a bungling, nonelected, prime minister Theresa May, along with her equally incompetent cabinet are still in power.
But there are seven nonelected people who have life-and-death control over our economy and hence our lives the seven governors of the Federal Reserve Board.
Whereas our experience has been that every time a nonelected government has been installed it has pushed the clock back by several years.
There would also be an increase in the number of nonelected government and civil positions.
I AM sick of Brexiters moaning about being ruled by nonelected bureaucrats in Brussels.
on nonelected Special Advisers, or SPADs, who have become dominant figures in all government departments.
All of Iran's re-elected presidents have limited room for maneuver given the imbalance of power between elected and nonelected institutions.
We worry about the course our country seems to be heading, the outright racism and misogyny espoused by our elected and nonelected leaders, even our friends and relatives
The current nonelected Prime Minister actively campaigned to remain.
This was disclosed by Senior Minister Nisar Ahmed Khuhro while talking to newsmen outside the Sindh Assembly, adding that in constitution there was no ban over the appointment of the nonelected person as provincial advisor.
Without Section 5, minority stakeholders may have only Section 2's remedial protections, and Section 2's applicability is uncertain as related to nonelected school boards.
At least in the short-term, this militates against the quest for democracy by giving power to the nonelected and the nonlocal.