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Having reached an office or position without going through the elective process: nonelected bureaucrats.
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Adj.1.nonelected - filled by appointment rather than by election; "a nonelective office"
appointed, appointive - subject to appointment
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The bill would not cover high-ranking or rank-and-file nonelected public employees.
As China's economy slows, the public stirs, and its confidence in nonelected leaders wanes.
Speaking in the House of Commons, Mr McCabe asked: "Can we have a debate on the financial cost and implications for democracy of the Secretary of State's appalling plans to impose a nonelected executive mayor on the people of Birmingham without a shred of evidence that they support this form of dictatorship?"
WHAT confidence can we in Teesside have in the assurances of an executive of a nonelected body backed by a few million pounds to solve the high unemployment of our area, exacerbated by the possible demise of steelmaking?
HAVING just heard Lord Mandelson describe the job losses down at Corus, which were 1,700, as really really really bad news - is this not a case of double standards when this country and our nonelected PM has rescued the banks, saved the housing market and even pumped money into the car industry in the Midlands?
It is hard to see how a Likud-Kadima coalition can conclude peace talks on a twin state, while a Kadima-Labour coalition looks too weak and has no valid Palestinian peace partner, apart from a nonelected government in the West Bank.
Third, we consider the legitimacy of celebrity activists and whether these nonelected individuals are well positioned to berate democratically elected governments.
Ted Fox, PMA, Jackson, Mich., functions as the nonelected executive director/secretary of the Board.
More recently, reforms in Korea and Indonesia have resulted in their transformation to full presidential democracies, via the direct election of their previously nonelected executive presidents in 1987 and 2004, respectively.
Leaders: nonelected persons to whom special groups look for direction in certain circumstances.
wide room for honest difference of opinion over the meaning of general phrases in the Constitution." (18) It is another, though, to authorize "nonelected members of the federal judiciary," functioning as "the voice and conscience of contemporary society" and "as the measure of the modern conception of human dignity," (19) to serve as a "council of revision" (20) armed "with a roving commission to second-guess Congress, state legislatures, and state and federal administrative officers concerning what is best for the country." (21)
Then, having retired on a miserly state or other pension, what do they do - tax you again, of course - unless you're an illegal immigrant or some other nonedeserving subject of the nonelected European hierarchy