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also non·such  (nŭn′sŭch′)
1. A person or thing without equal.

none′such′ adj.


(ˈnʌnˌsʌtʃ) or


1. archaic a matchless person or thing; nonpareil
2. (Plants) another name for black medick


or non•such


a person or thing without equal.
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Noun1.nonesuch - model of excellence or perfection of a kind; one having no equal
crackerjack, jimdandy, jimhickey - someone excellent of their kind; "he's a jimdandy of a soldier"
role model, model - someone worthy of imitation; "every child needs a role model"
class act - someone who shows impressive and stylish excellence
humdinger - someone of remarkable excellence; "a humdinger of a secretary"


A person or thing so excellent as to have no equal or match:
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The collection, part of The Nonesuch Fine Collectibles and Rarities fair, is the legacy of the late collector and arts patroness Marie Therese Lammoglia Virata, or Bebe to friends.
The Randy Newman Songbook, comprising solo recordings of songs from throughout Newman's five-decade career, was released recently through Nonesuch Records.
All four members of the recently formed Nonesuch Theatre Company have performed widely in theatre and television.
Barghoorn, Schopf and Meinschein found porphyrins related to chlorophyll and hemoglobin, microfossils and optically active hydrocarbons in shale from the Nonesuch formation.
12 by Nonesuch Records, is culled from the film performances, pre-recordings and a couple of tracks that were recorded later, including "The Last Thing on My Mind," on which the Punch Brothers were added.
TRACK 2 "The Desert Babbler" From Iron and Wine's Ghost on Ghost NONESUCH
It has been that way a long time musically for Wilco, the band that famously fed at the same trough twice when it was dropped by Reprise over creative differences, then signed to sister imprint Nonesuch to release a milestone album.
Kiselyov's Federation Fund, the Royal Nonesuch of Putin's Russia, has beaten the West at its own game by putting the chary in charity.
C16th Nonesuch (without equal) chests are to be found in England, but were probably made in Danzig (modern day Gdansk in Poland) and then imported.
THREE-time Grammy Award winner Shawn Colvin has confirmed she will perform at Dublin's Olympia Theatre to promote her new album These Four Walls, a debut collaboration with Nonesuch Records.
What we have here is a facsimile edition of the famous Nonesuch Dickens which began publication in 1938 and was in turn based on the 1868-70 complete edition, the last to be corrected by the author.
Holzman, who headed his own independent label, ROM Records, is a former senior executive at Elektra and Discovery Records and director of Nonesuch Records.