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1. A combination of nine instruments or voices.
2. A composition written for such a combination.

[Italian nonetto, from diminutive of nono, ninth, from Latin nōnus; see nones.]


1. (Classical Music) a piece of music composed for a group of nine instruments
2. (Classical Music) an instrumental group of nine players
[C19: from Italian nonetto, from nono ninth, from Latin nōnus]



1. a group of nine voices or instruments.
2. a composition for a nonet.
[1860–65; < Italian nonetto]
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com)-- Czech composer Tatiana Mikova to feature her chamber piece for nonet, "Spanish Serenade" on America's most popular classical music program, "Performance Today.
Included in the nonet were some of the top talents in the Middle East, such as Fahad Al-Muwallad, now with Levante, and new Leganes player Yahia Al-Shehri.
After stints with a number of jazz bands, he has formed the Ronald Tomas Nonet.
It still remains to be seen how minimalistic the opening concerts will be: duet, quartet, nonet -- or can something larger be expected?
In summary, the ethical challenge for a leader today is to achieve actions that advance self-interest (ethical egoism), are culturally competent (ethical relativism), and achieve greater good (Utilitarianism) (strive for "win-win" scenarios for all stakeholders), but do not demean or disrespect stakeholders (Kantian ethics) (Cavico, Mujtaba, Nonet, Rimanoczy, and Samuel, 2015).
On cus qui to cor maximo qui optasin nus estiatur, sus molorrume nonet venimet desecto ribeati duciur?
8DA followed YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Bathtub 9 Rejig 10 Ready 11 Upsurge 12 Dog 13 Lebanese 16 Well done 17 Rum 19 Decried 21 Nonet 22 Piano 23 Deplete DOWN: 1 Obtrude 2 Strangle 3 Stay 4 Presence 5 Ajar 6 Ogles 8 Blue-blooded 13 Lollipop 14 Springer 15 Empties 18 Adopt 20 Char 21 Nape QUICKIE ACROSS: 1 Text message 8 Pal 9 Nap 11 Upstage 12 Reach 13 See 14 Who 15 Receipt 17 Yet 19 Once 21 Open 23 Mane 25 Pipe 27 Win 29 Ability 31 Ass 34 Bob 36 Close 37 Congeal 38 Had 39 Ate 40 Marked cards DOWN: 1 Tape 2 Else 3 Trapeze 4 Eleven 5 Strip 6 Gnaw 7 Each 8 Pushy 10 Phone 16 Ton 18 Top 20 New 22 Pea 24 Antenna 25 Peach 26 Sliced 28 Noble 30 Bleak 32 Slam 33 Soda 34 Bead 35 Oats
In that nonet of fixtures, Liverpool won just two and looked nullified.
See also Philippe Nonet, Administrative Justice: Advocacy and Change in a Government AGENCV 212, 214-21 (describing the "development of a judicial ethos" among hearing examiners in a state workers' compensation program who resisted supervision and insisted that they should be "free to decide cases in accordance with our conscience").
29) The consequent reversal from adjudicatory to mediatory justice in China is comparable to the development of "responsive law" as per the arguments of Philippe Nonet and Philip Selznick in Law and Society in Transition, where the authors argued:
In purely legal terms, Nonet (1990) sets the table for a discussion of tax laws in Nietzschean terms by rightly suggesting that Nietschean philosophy generally demands positive law as opposed to natural law.