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n. Informal
An anticipated or highly publicized event that does not occur or proves anticlimactic or boring.


a disappointing or insignificant occurrence, esp one predicted to be important


(ˌnɒn ɪˈvɛnt)

1. a usu. well publicized event that is anticipated but does not occur or occurs with little impact; anticlimax.
2. an occasion that creates little or no interest.
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Noun1.nonevent - an anticipated event that turns out to be far less significant than was expected
event - something that happens at a given place and time
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Promoter Frank Warren had been keen to set up unbeaten WBC champion Broner for his subsequent fight, but Burns' manager Alex Morrison said: "Ricky did not want to jump from a nonevent to the biggest fight of his life in a matter of weeks.
The global fear that financial institutions and other entities would shut down because systems were not set up to read double-zero digits that could lead to massive fraud turned out to be a nonevent.
The two mid-table outfits served up a nonevent which saw supporters leaving Vale Park with more than 15 minutes remaining.
Indeed, Whitsel later attributes (indeed dates) the subsequent decline of CUT to "the nonevent of March 15, 1990" (p.
A final example: the nonevent in which a president signs a bill into law, writing his signature one letter at a time, using a different pen for each letter, and then offering the pens to key congresspeople who backed the bill.
of the Y2K computer problem has pretty well blown away now, and for the most part that IT bug-a-boo has been a nonevent.
In each case where countries had done so, Belkin found that lifting the ban had been a nonevent.