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That will not explode: a nonexplosive fuel; nonexplosive gases.

non′ex·plo′sive n.


not capable of causing an explosion
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Adj.1.nonexplosive - not explosive; "nonexplosive gases"; "a nonexplosive fuel"
explosive - serving to explode or characterized by explosion or sudden outburst; "an explosive device"; "explosive gas"; "explosive force"; "explosive violence"; "an explosive temper"
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Tenders are invited for Rate contract for transportation of explosive and nonexplosive stores
Suspension upgrades are being rolled out across the fleet, as is a hard-kill active protection system and nonexplosive reactive armour.
Police said suspicious devices found in the area have been cleared as nonexplosive.
If each breaks the rules of traditional nonexplosive logic, why should one broken rule be preferable and the other intolerable?
The glassy texture suggests that the lava hardened quickly into rock, at a pace consistent with nonexplosive water-lava interactions.
First, in late April, NATO aircraft began dropping nonexplosive concrete bombs--allowing aircraft to strike armored vehicles in densely built-up areas while minimizing the risk to civilians.
The consideration of nonexplosive behavior together with a nonlinear fiscal rule modifies Bohn's (1998) criterion.
The latest reported incident occurred in late March when a nonexplosive 105-mm training round struck a nearby house, causing minor injuries to a local resident.
It is designed to divert methane migrating eastward toward the buildings and release it into the atmosphere, dispersing it into nonexplosive concentrations.
2009): Nonexplosive and explosive magma/wet-sediment interaction during emplacement of Eocene intrusions into Cretaceous to Eocene strata, Trans-Pecos igneous province, West Texas.
In total, 31,000 mines and 517,000 nonexplosive obstacles were strung along the Atlantic Wall to deny the space.
However, the common point of these researches is the characterization of the buried objects to minimize false alarms due to the presence of nonexplosive metallic objects.