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Adj.1.nonflavored - without flavoring addednonflavored - without flavoring added    
tasteless - lacking flavor
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As a direct result of the considerable increase in e-cigarette use among youths during 2017-2018 (7), in November 2018, the Food and Drug Administration announced several proposed new steps to protect youths, including restricting sales of flavored e-cigarettes (other than tobacco, menthol, mint, or nonflavored) to physical locations with age restrictions or online with heightened age verification procedures, and plans to advance notices of proposed rulemaking that would ban menthol cigarettes and cigars and all other flavored cigars (18).
The California legislature has approved a bill that would require water or nonflavored milk to be the default drink in restaurant children's meals.
Exemptions include infant formula, dietary supplements, nonflavored and noncarbonated water, any product containing milk, and any powder intended to be mixed at home.
The FDA advisory indicates the flavored tobacco is as addictive and carry the same health risks as nonflavored tobacco products.
The varied induction procedures and self-administration variables (e.g., use of nonflavored or flavored alcohol, time of day and duration of access, free alcohol availability versus operant responding, (6) feeding conditions, etc.) make it difficult to compare the alcohol intakes of animals between studies.
In beverages, we moved to 1 percent and 2 percent milk, nonflavored water or 100 percent fruit or vegetable juice.
Today's consumers can choose from a wide variety of flossing products: waxed or unwaxed; flavored or nonflavored; thin, thick or tapes.
Experience our three roast levels and flavored, nonflavored, and decaffeinated coffees.
Even upscale venues report that the majority of their tequila sales come in the form of margaritas, albeit classic nonflavored, nonfrozen ones made with some of the most expensive brands.