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Adj.1.nonglutinous - not resembling glue in texture
nonadhesive - not tending to adhere
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There are annuals and perennials, shattering or nonshattering seeds, glutinous or nonglutinous, with grain colours that range from purple and red to yellow, white, and black.
The rice images of six varieties such as long glutinous rice, round glutinous rice, nonglutinous rice, Thailand aromatic rice, red aromatic rice, and black rice were taken as the research objects.
Other researchers have also reported that supplementation of wheat flour with nonglutinous flour results in lower bread volumes [31].
Essential L amino acids such as glutamine and Eveliza, a therapeutic, nonglutinous cereal from Ecuador, grown on lava with 30 essential amino acids from amaranth, quinoa, and seaweed extracts of Phaeophyta dark and Rodophyta red, are also very important.
Rough rice, as early long-grain nonglutinous rice (Oryza sativa L.), has been planted in southern China since ancient times.