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Atkinson and Lind note firm entry has been declining in the United States for several decades, but they somewhat mischaracterize the related research, arguing the decline simply reflects less entry of noninnovating, nongrowing small businesses.
Proteins no longer required in nongrowing cells were degraded to supply and replenish nutrients required by starvation survivors [71].
Considering this locoregional treatment and systemic treatment currently available, in nonoperable patients or in patients with intermediate lung cancer risk (for example, nongrowing or PET-negative nodules), cryobiopsy could be considered in order to propose specific treatments.
Plant cell wall can be categorized into 3 layers: layer one is adhesive between cell and another called "middle lamella" composed of calcium pectate (pectic acid binding [Ca.sup.2+]), layer two is a real cell wall synthesized during cell division called "primary cell wall" composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, and pectic substances, and layer three synthesized after primary cell wall or in nongrowing stage of cell called "secondary cell wall" composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, and lignin [27, 28].
The MARPE device is indicated for the correction of transverse maxillary discrepancy and posterior crossbite, especially in nongrowing patients as an alternative to surgically assisted rapid palatal expansion (SARPE), since rapid palatal expansion may not be an option due to heavy interdigitation of the suture, making it harder to split the two halves of the maxilla conventionally by using tooth-anchored expanders [36].
Here, nongrowing hMSCs are cultivated in the form of capsules or aggregates to improve cell viability or functionality.
A case of female nongrowing patient with HFM type IIb treated with temporomandibular prosthesis in an all-in-one protocol is presented.
There are three tunable parameters ([c.sub.d], [D.sub.i], and [PHI]) in the QSGS algorithm to control how different phases (minerals) are growing inside a nongrowing phase.
Paddy soils experience temporal variation in redox conditions: paddy fields are kept flooded during the rice growing season, whereas they are drained during the nongrowing season.
2015), which corresponded to the growing and nongrowing seasons for agricultural crops (Mankin and Warner, 1999b).