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not passed down through families, not hereditary
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(ˌnɒn həˈrɛd ɪˌtɛr i)

not hereditary; not able to be passed through the genes from a biological parent to offspring.
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Adj.1.nonhereditary - not acquirable by inheritance
nonheritable, noninheritable - not inheritable
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It is nonhereditary and causes distinctive facial characteristics, as well as a wide range of learning difficulties.
(1) Nonhereditary somatic mutations of the cKIT gene have been observed in many studies and may be associated with increased proliferation of clonal mast cells.
Congenital CMV infection is the number 1 cause of nonhereditary sensorineural hearing loss.
Knudson [1] hypothesised that retinoblastoma required two mutational events: in the nonhereditary form both mutations occur in somatic cells, while in the AD form the first mutation is inherited in the germline (and therefore affects all cells), but the tumour is triggered by a 'second hit', which occurs somatically in a retinal cell.
Macrodystrophia lipomatosa, also known as type 1 macrodactyly or isolated macrodactyly, is a rare, benign, congenital, nonhereditary condition, generally unilateral, involving one or more fingers.
Quincke's disease: Nonhereditary angioneurotic edema of the uvula.
Coats' disease is a nonhereditary ocular disease, with no systemic manifestation, first described by George Coats in 1908.
New consensus guidelines strongly recommend screening colonoscopy for individuals who have at least one first-degree relative with nonhereditary colorectal cancer or advanced adenoma.
If, he proposes, "knowledge is essentially another word for culture," then (quoting a formulation offered by scholars in another field) it may be defined as the "nonhereditary memory of the community," to which philology and archaeology can offer at best limited access (p.
Balch, MD, American Academy of Pediatrics Early Hearing Detection and Intervention Chapter Champion, says, "We must commit to educating the public about cytomegalovirus so that we can potentially prevent the devastating consequences of this disease on our children." Congenital CMV is the most common cause of nonhereditary sensorineural hearing loss in childhood.
The Commonwealth does not seem minded to reinvent itself, either: Last week it acquiesced to the queen's "sincere wish" that Prince Charles will one day inherit the nonhereditary position as its head.
It is defined as a nonfamilial, nonhereditary AE where other known causes of AE have been excluded and is refractory to antihistamine treatment [1].