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Adj.1.nonheritable - not inheritable
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Epigenetic: Heritable or nonheritable changes in phenotype or gene expression caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence; epigenetic changes can alter the appearance and structure of the DNA or the histone proteins around which the DNA is wound (e.
In the study, 58 percent of the variation measured in immune system responses was almost completely determined by nonheritable factors, such as exposure to microbes.
Examining differences in the levels and activity states of these components within pairs of monozygotic and dizygotic twins, the Stanford scientists found that in three-quarters of the measurements, nonheritable influences -- such as previous microbial or toxic exposures, vaccinations, diet and dental hygiene -- trumped heritable ones when it came to accounting for differences within a pair of twins.
There are other nonheritable congenital bony conditions that arise from the sinuses or affect them as a result of their anatomic location.
Moreover, renal dysplasia is most frequently a nonheritable condition (with very few exceptions).
These cases probably represent rare events and are likely to be of no great consequence to the survival of any species if they are the result of random nonheritable genetic defects that occur during limb bud development.
Selections are made, in part, on the basis of nonheritable characteristics and so reveal prevailing social hierarchies and the operation of what we call populist market eugenics industry reflect not just the desires of consumers to have offspring who physically resemble them, but to have offspring who will be at the top of prevailing social hierarchies.
Advantages of molecular markers often cited include (1) the large number of independent markers available for analysis, (2) simple genetic control, (3) low levels of nonheritable variation, (4) apparent selective neutrality, and (5) the ability to distinguish between maternal and paternal parents (e.
Am]); (2) a component due to organelle genes, which are often maternally inherited; and (3) a nonheritable component, including effects due to maternal environment and to gene interactions expressed in the maternal parent (which we here subsume in [V.
This form of retinoblastoma is unilateral and has been thought to be nonheritable.
White clover has a remarkable phenotypic plasticity which results in a nonheritable change in plant morphology in response to environment, season, and management or harvest (Brock et al.