n. pl. non·he·roes
An antihero.
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In the end, the people are really fighting for their identity and history when they oppose the burial, in a place meant for heroes, of a person that both sides accept as a nonhero.
The antihero of the title is actually a nonhero, for he does absolutely nothing and is an Everyman who, like all of us, is afraid to take risks.
Our nonhero has gone over the edge, but it turns out that his new benefactors have no intention of paying him.
Gum Arabic trees are wide spread over many states: western, nonhero and southern Darfour, western, northern and southern Kordofan, White Nile, Upper Nile, Jonglai, Sennar, Blue Nile and Gadaref.
This nonhero is not a comfortable character to be around.
Even more disquieting than the clear lack of legal basis for this nonhero's burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani is the resurgence of historical injustice and moral decay that it portends for the nation.
Heroes take care of the nonheroes, and King T'Challa faces an ideological crisis.
To my fellow nonheroes and semicouch potatoes, I can only say, "Try it.
Kennedy, and Martin Luther King, Jr., plus a few nonheroes such as Oliver North, Tammy Faye Bakker, Richard Nixon, and George Bush, it alternated their words with musical trivia from each period.
His characters are nonheroes who deal, sometimes heroically, sometimes pathetically, with unreconciled feelings of self - love and self - hate; some critics have accused him of " Jewish anti - Semitism.