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NGCP officials said they had given uncooperative landowners a deadline and have tried a nonhostile approach but if they continue to be uncooperative then the transmission operator will have to seek the help of the police and the army.
The operation was considered a victory with the surprisingly low total of 145 service members dying in combat and 225 lives claimed by nonhostile actions.
As in the past, China seeks a long-term friendly or at least nonhostile bordering area around itself.
This offers Worcester State nonhostile expansion, while becoming part of our coming new upscale downtown.
troop fatalities (including killed in action and nonhostile action) and 31,941 wounded in action (WIA) during Operation Iraqi Freedom and a total of 2,153 U.
RS22452, United States Military Casualty Statistics: Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom l, 4 (2009) (noting that over 31, 102 were injured but that there were also 36, 106 nonhostile medical air transports).
But, like the White House, the group agreed on the need for engagement and "off-ramps" that open a path for Russia to accept a sovereign but nonhostile Ukraine.
This emerging narrative is designed to address a security environment that includes a nonhostile but rising rival in Asia (China), international nuclear proliferation (Iran, Pakistan, and North Korea), revolutions against existing world order (the Arab Spring in the African Maghreb and Egypt), continued unrest in the Middle East (the Levant), and growing concern over instability and violence (Mexico and other Central/South American nations) in the Western Hemisphere.
The US-led Space Surveillance Network supplies a necessary first line of awareness of hostile and nonhostile space threats by tracking and identifying space objects.
While much of the supporting information is classified, the NSS architecture is on solid footing during a peacetime or nonhostile space environment, but we do not appear to be prepared for overt conflict with a near-peer adversary.
Looking exclusively at the cases in which we can discern the testator's frame of mind, motivation proved nonhostile in 55.
But Cnooc executives might figure that Canadian regulators will be more welcoming to this nonhostile bid in the wake of the Keystone fiasco.