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Age-at-harvest likelihood.--We modeled time as two discrete periods: hunting season (September through February) and nonhunting season (March through August).
Nixon cautions that how hunters present themselves and their trophy animals on film is critical, to avoid offending the nonhunting public.
However, the general nonhunting public needs to know we're not the evil, blood-bathed, beer-swilling slobs we are often portrayed to be.
Several nonhunting pressure groups have since intensified the need to ban trophy hunting completely as it is viewed as unethical and a practice that may push key species to extinction if not stopped.
We spend a lot of time figuring out how to recruit youngsters, and in many areas we're having success, but here's the reality: In our increasingly urban society, it is difficult to involve youngsters from onshooting and nonhunting families.
Fast-forward some 15 years and we're standing on a porch together in Namibia--my nonhunting mom was looking sharp in her big ol' floppy hat as she handed out sunscreen and granola bars.
Without hunters, says LaFon, society would be forced to use expensive nonhunting methods to control whitetail numbers.
"Working with the nonhunting public and informing them of the absolute need for hunting - changing the harmful and false Bambi mentality - to maintain a healthy deer population is difficult but essential."
These findings could be the result of the low number of samples that were included from the nonhunting seasons and from some of the years represented in the study.
In fact, the biggest buck on record in Michigan died of unknown causes about a month after the end of the last deer season for 2009 and was found dead by Sharon Weidmayer, a nonhunting friend of Ron's, while walking her dog on brushy property she owns.