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n. pl. noni or no·nis
1. An evergreen shrub or small tree (Morinda citrifolia) native to Southeast Asia and Australia and widely cultivated in the tropics, traditionally valued for medicinal purposes and as a source of dye.
2. The soft, yellowish-white, strong-smelling fruit of this plant, often processed into juice or powder for use as a dietary supplement. In both senses also called Indian mulberry.

[Hawaiian; akin to Tahitian, nono and Samoan nonu all ultimately from Proto-Polynesian *nonu.]
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1. (Botany) a tree, Morinda citrifolia, native to SE Asia and the Pacific islands, juice from the fruit of which is marketed as a health supplement
2. (Complementary Medicine) a tree, Morinda citrifolia, native to SE Asia and the Pacific islands, juice from the fruit of which is marketed as a health supplement
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Lervumie, called forth to testify, said he had got it from Noni; Noni had got it from Sulefatoi; Sulefatoi from Choka; Choka from Ngava; and Ngava completed the circle by stating that it had been given to him by Kapu.
Noni Channer was reported missing on Wednesday (August 14) from the Forest Hill area of the borough.
Noni juice is derived from noni fruit and is widely used as nutritional tonic owing to its therapeutic and alternative medication properties.
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On March 2, 1944, he married Margaret "Noni" Hogan, the absolute love of his life, in Denver, CO.
Suprobhat Paribahan owner Noni Gopal Monday confessed his involvement in the incident where one of his buses crushed Bangladesh University of Professionals student Abrar Ahmed Chowdhury on March 19.
class="MsoNormalTaking the Silver Division net title with a score of 73 nett was Margaret Nyakango of Limuru Country Club who won on countback from Noni Mohire and Naomi Wakesho.
Collins M.D., Ph.D., announced today the selection of Noni H.
Working behind the counters washing dishes and mopping floors for four years, he was approached by former Max's Restaurant president Edgardo Trota, known as Noni, who saw his potential and invited him to become a cook at Max's Gotesco.
A new, potent, nutrient-dense dietary supplement, Kora Organic's Noni Glow Skinfood Supplement is designed to support daily beauty and wellness.