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This data structure allows for multilevel modeling, which can account for the nonindependence of multiple months of data from the same individual.
Only a referendum can make the independence and nonindependence supporters to accept what Catalan society decides for itself and only a referendum can generate stability.
There are two key considerations for these analyses: How to best account for (a) the nonindependence of evaluation ratings and (b) the sorting of TPP graduates into schools with varying student populations.
To examine whether the nonindependence of physician ratings (i.e., the same physician rating multiple patients) impacted results, we also conducted analyses controlling for individual physician; our results were the same as when not controlling for this variable.
However, the nonindependence of [??] from [??] here does not allow us to use the Gollier--Pratt arguments to examine whether this property holds.
LMMs also contained random intercepts of site identity to account for nonindependence of individuals within sites.
Generalized estimating equations were used to adjust for nonindependence within endoscopist clusters for procedural level data.
Looking at the remaining two ICs, we do not observe another similar exponentially decaying signal, suggesting that the eventual two afterslip processes on the two faults involved are not separated, likely due to the statistical nonindependence of the two afterslip signals.
To account for the statistical nonindependence of birth outcomes in a neighborhood (i.e., clustering), we conducted multilevel OBDA in which women were nested in their zip codes of residence by using the cluster option in the Oaxaca command as presented by Jann (2008).
Meta-analysis acknowledges the likely nonindependence among multiple studies, but it is typical practice to proceed this way because excluding data reduces statistical power (e.g., Veresoglou et al.
It refers to nonindependence of the predictor factors, usually in a regression-type analysis.
The function in the metafor package accounts for nonindependence in observed effects as we analyzed more than one median estimate from several studies (Ferraleschi et al., Higano et al., Poon et al., Thortzen et al., and Yamasaki et al.).