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adj. Electricity
Having low or zero inductance.


(General Physics) electrical having little or no inductance


(ˌnɒn ɪnˈdʌk tɪv)

adj. Elect.
not capable of electrical or magnetic induction: noninductive coverings used to prevent shock.
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Knowledge of other minds comes from the capacity of noninductive immediacy or apprehension of natural kinds.
AtSPL15 has been implicated in the coordination of basal floral promotion pathways required for flowering in noninductive environments.
The RL sensor sensitivity was measured at a frequency of 2.2 MHz using the categorized noninductive current sensor CSNM 191 of Honeywell company with the current value output that operates using the Hall Effect.
While this works for all noninductive definitions, it is well known that inductive definitions in general cannot be expressed through first-order logic equivalences.
The model is based on [15], the inductive charged process is adopted from [21], and the noninductive charged process is adopted from [22].
During the occurrence of deep convection, water vapors are uplifted and condensed to form the deferent sizes of noninductive hydrometers (ice crystal, hail, drops, etc.); afterwards they are evaporated/sublimated and dispersed zonally and meridionally in the upper troposphere [2].
where [psi](r, t) denotes the poloidal magnetic-flux around the tokamak; r denotes the normalized radius; t denotes time; U(t) denotes the control variable acting at the right ending; D(r, t) is divergent-type transport coefficient (which can be identified from the experimental data); [eta](r,t) is the resistivity; and j(r, t) is the noninductive current source.
Popper offered a noninductive resolution of this problem.
Ideally, a noninductive resistive load that draws the same current within [+ or -]25% as the EUT should be substituted for or wired in parallel with the EUT and measured while the EUT is OFF to determine the ambient levels.
The authors describe problem statements, classical approaches and the concept of adaptive learning, then present the regularization framework, statistical learning theory, nonlinear optimization strategies, methods for data and dimensionality reduction, methods for regression, classification, support vector machines, noninductive reference and alternative learning formations.
The noninductive design allows these TO-Style current sense resistors to operate in high frequency applications and switching circuits.
Lang and Melchers (1943) demonstrated that long-day black henbane (Hyoscyamus niger L.) grown in noninductive short photoperiods flowered when all mature leaves were removed.