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Adj.1.noninheritable - not inheritable
heritable, inheritable - capable of being inherited; "inheritable traits such as eye color"; "an inheritable title"
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As a result of the mutation rate, tumors can develop noninherited, noninheritable alterations in BRCAl or BRCA2 genes (a somatic mutation).
To encode knowledge, the GSPAS ontology uses two kinds of concepts (primitive and defined) and two concept-forming operators (value-restriction and conjunctions), further, it uses classifiable attributes (roles) to define value restrictions, and two kinds of nonclassifiable attributes (nondefinitional roles) to store application data, where one is inherited by subclasses and the other is noninheritable. In KL-ONE and so in GSPAS, a primitive-concept provides necessary conditions for membership, whereas a definedconcept provides both necessary and sufficient conditions for membership.
Explaining in vivo growth effectuality with chemically designed nanoconjugate, the experiment was administered on murine colon tumors CT26 which noninheritable from the Louis Pasteur Institute of Persia.