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Adj.1.noninstitutionalized - not committed to an institution
institutionalised, institutionalized - officially placed in or committed to a specialized institution; "had hopes of rehabilitating the institutionalized juvenile delinquents"
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In that study, noninstitutionalized subjects were selected randomly over a period of almost 2 years, from March 1999 and February 2001.
noninstitutionalized population in 2013, the 1% of Americans with the highest health care expenses accounted for nearly 22% of the nation's total health care expenditures.
All Boston households with landline telephones are to be included in a landline frame in order to achieve a representative sample of noninstitutionalized adults ages 18 and older in Boston who reside in private domiciles.
One table in the aging indicators report, drawn from Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services care access data, shows the kinds of limits on driving experienced by noninstitutionalized Medicare enrollees of various ages.
civilian noninstitutionalized population totaled $1.
The BRFSS is a "state- based, random-digit-dialed telephone survey that uses a multistage sampling design to select a state- specific sample from noninstitutionalized U.
6% of the 38,800,000 noninstitutionalized, civilian 16- through 24-year-olds living in the U.
civilian noninstitutionalized adult population under age 65 (Statistical Brief #467).
Note: Based on interviews with 2,625 noninstitutionalized respondents from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 2007-2010.
There were 4 "D" recommendations (recommend against) in 2013: testing for BRCA or using tamoxifen or raloxifene in women at low risk of breast cancer; using [beta]-carotene or vitamin E to prevent CVD and cancer; and using low doses of vitamin D and calcium to prevent fractures in noninstitutionalized postmenopausal women (TABLE 2).