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Failure or refusal to intervene, especially in the affairs of another nation.

non′in·ter·ven′tion·ist n.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) refusal to intervene, esp the abstention by a state from intervening in the affairs of other states or in its own internal disputes
ˌnoninterˈventional adj
ˌnoninterˈventionist n, adj


(ˌnɒn ɪn tərˈvɛn ʃən)

1. abstention by a nation from interference in the affairs of other nations or its own political subdivisions.
2. failure or refusal to intervene.
non`in•ter•ven′tion•ist, n., adj.
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Noun1.nonintervention - a foreign policy of staying out of other countries' disputes
foreign policy - a policy governing international relations
interference, intervention - a policy of intervening in the affairs of other countries


[ˈnɒnˌɪntəˈvɛnʃn] nnon intervento
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Formal consent was not required because of the observational, noninterventional study design (no change in practices, and all procedures already routinely performed).
Informed consent was waived by the IRB as this was a noninterventional study using routinely collected data.
In the ongoing, noninterventional, multicenter real-world study in severe asthma (ARIETTA), the utility of markers as clinically validated biomarkers over time are being assessed.
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Because it was a noninterventional study, insulin therapies were prescribed by diabetologists according to a standard clinical practice and the data gave an insight into the model of diabetes care in real-life setting across Poland.
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This probably differs in healthy subjects, where maintained active and distancing cognitive coping, compensation strategies, less resignative-avoidant tendencies, and improved psychological mood states have been found 6 months after termination of SMT in the majority of participants as compared to a noninterventional control group [21].